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Th benefit of Avocado Leaves

Wow, avocado leaves have health value. Let's see. This time I will discuss the benefits of avocado leaves to human health. Avocado leaves have anti-hypertensive properties because it has flavonoids that serve to treat high blood pressure.

The following are benefits of avocado leaves along the way of making herbal medicine avocado leaves:
Treating Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)
Making way: Prepare three fresh avocado leaves straight from the tree, then brewed with a glass of hot water. Allow to cool water.
How to use: Drink cold water that has been steeping the once daily until hypertension recovered. Additionally, this herb can also treat headaches due to high blood pressure.
Treating kidney stones
Making way: Prepare 7 leaves of avocado. Wash the leaves thoroughly and then brewed with 100 ml of hot water.
How to use: Drinking water before steeping regularly twice a day every morning and evening until a kidney stone out.
Treat stomachache
Making way: Prepare 5 grams of fresh avocado leaves and their mixtures that 6 grams of fresh turmeric rhizome, 5 grams of root Intersection rabbits and 6 grams of fresh gotu kola leaves. After that wash all the ingredients thoroughly. Boil all ingredients into 115 ml of water to boil.
How to use: After a cold boiled water, drink the cooking water once a day as much as one glass.
Treating back pain
Making way: Prepare five pieces of avocado leaves. Wash the leaves thoroughly and then boiled with water in the afternoon and let stand overnight.
How to use: Drink boiled water is the next day. Do this regularly for a week, God willing you will heal back pain

so many articles about the benefits of avocado leaves. May be useful and add your insight.
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