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Symptoms and Characteristics of Tumor Diseases

Today, we will discuss about Tumor Disease. The discussion in this article include the definition of a tumor disease, a disease causing tumor, types of tumor, and the tumor disease symptoms. The tumor is a disease that can be classified as a dangerous disease even very dangerous, in general, people who are already suffering from a tumor in the long term could not survive. Tumor cell tissue in general is illegal form of a lump or abnormal swelling in particular parts of the body or can be interpreted bumps caused by neoplasms. Tumor itself is also referred to as neoplasms. which means that many tumors and cancers are the same and there is also considered different but the same symptoms, they both bump. Examples of brain tumors and breast tumors people often think the same and it is the same disease symptoms and therefore we consider the same and the difference is only the opinions of society.
symtomps and characteristics of tumor

Causes Tumor Diseases
The cause of the tumor is then classified neoplasms neoplasm tumor, but the tumor is also classified as non-neoplastic tumors for example as hypertrophy, inflammation and cysts. According to the biological properties of the tumor or neoplasm digolongan into two benign tumors (benign) and malignant tumors (malignant).
Slow the growth of benign tumors and are usually encapsulated so it is easy to distinguish from the surrounding tissue because demarcated. Enlargement will suppress tumor tissue and can cause obtruksi neighbors or atrophy. It can be fatal if it occurs in an important part of the body, such as brain tumors that cause disease / neoplasms of the brain. But before definitely companions are still confused as to why same variety as between tumor and cancer? The explanation is derived from a benign tumor, a benign tumor or benign or can be called a seed of malignant tumors (malignant) due to a benign tumor if it is not followed up medically or assisted with drugs, both traditional and made from chemicals. Benign tumors will grow and continue to grow until it becomes a malignant tumor and malignant tumor is called cancer. Actually, benign tumors are not too dangerous because it does not infiltrate into the tissues of the body, he simply presses a network that is around, but its development that need to be considered and should be prevented early because growth can become cancerous or malignant tumors and in general if someone has cancer or malignant tumors can be dangerous.

Types of Tumor Disease And Symptoms
Sometimes these kinds of tumor diseases are named according to the origin of the tumor tissue grown seeds, for example:
· Fibroma derived from fibrous connective tissue
· Khondroma derived from cartilage tissue
· Adenoma derived from glandular tissue.
If a tumor has a shape like an embryo, then referred to as balstoma. Layer embryonic tumor tissue also vary, if it consists of two layers of the embryo, it is called karsinosarkooma, while consisting of three layers of embryonic tissue that is called a teratoma. There is a wide range of tumor disease which attacks various organs of the body are very important, along with the following symptoms:

1. Brain Tumor Disease
Brain tumor is a tumor that is the most dangerous and can attack from the time a teenager, even children could possibly still be attacked and seeds. Many people who have died due to brain tumors, if a brain tumor has started to grow, usually a person suffering from the disease will often dizziness sudden, these symptoms can be categorized as malignant tumors of the brain or brain cancer. Symptoms of brain tumors in general, ie a sudden headache and do not usually experienced, epilepsy suddenly and had never experienced or seizures, personality changes are quite strange and sometimes difficult to perform movements with the correct position. This is because the symptoms are basically the brain has a special room and not broad enough if the tumor is growing and the brain will shift and the shift is what will cause a tremendous effect pain.

2. Breast Tumor Diseases
Breast tumor is a tumor that attacks on women where there is a strange lump in the breast and invade the breast tissue such as tissue of the mammary gland tissue milk maker), ducts (milk glands), and the supporting tissue of the breast. Cancer or breast tumor it can also attack men but not too much is known, but in women can be attacked for women aged 40 years and above but you should be careful, because it's still remajapun age can develop breast cancer. The symptoms are a different shape to the breast but in a special section contained lump feels hard and needed surgery if it is formed, preferably if there is something a bit different to do breast examination immediately before attacking other tissues and do treatment with drug- traditional medicines make it more secure.

3. Tumor Disease uterus or uterine cancer
Uterine cancer only occurs in older adolescents or women of childbearing age already entered. Symptoms of tumors of the uterus in women is characterized by bleeding sudden or menstrual bleeding unusual or too much, while other symptoms yaituseperti discharge that is not normal from the vagina, often experience pain at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, stomach distress , the hard lump in the lower abdomen. Tumors of the uterus is the most feared disease and the most attacking, when cured with the help of surgery but usually women experiencing infertility. Therefore be careful.
Actually there are many types of cancers or existing tumors, but I hope that some of the above it can open our insights about the malignant disease. One again, the tumor healing methods should use natural traditional medicine from nature because it is safer although the healing process bit by bit, but if need surgery, then you should do it because it is most likely suffered tumor has developed.
This is the  articles about diseases or cancerous tumors that are dangerous to human health. Hope it is useful.
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