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Stroke Disease

Through this article we will discuss about the understanding of stroke disease, stroke disease symptoms, the cause of stroke and stroke prevention. stroke is a disease which can be memenyebabkan deaths caused due to the disruption of the blood vessels in the brain. If you have problems with brain stroke certainly also affect the nerves that work in the brain, stroke disease symptoms generally come suddenly.

Some things that cause stroke include rupture of blood vessels and the formation of blockages in the blood vessels. Companions need to know that our country's diverse Indonesia, is one of the countries that have the highest stroke patients. We must guard against stroke by stroke can strike anyone and can also attack at the age of 15 years and above. Therefore we must maintain a healthy start early, one sport that is balanced with regular meals and regular breaks as well. But for those of you who just suffered a stroke, can be helped by traditional natural medicines such as ginger, tamarind, bitter, garlic and others.
causes stroke disease
Stroke Disease

Symptoms of Stroke
Variety loyal companions since the danger of stroke, then we must know what symptoms of stroke disease? The symptoms of stroke are as follows:
· In a sudden severe headache without any cause and fall abruptly.
· Sudden trouble walking and loss of balance with the body.
· Sudden impaired in both the sense of sight of one eye or both eyes.
· Sudden feel confused, forget the sudden, it is difficult to speak and difficult to understand.
· Sudden feel tingling, numbness and weakness in the legs, arms, face, body partially or throughout the body.

Although the disease tends stroke suffered by people who are elderly, but always we were young also have to be careful because a stroke can also attack in those aged 15 years and above. Patients with stroke at a young age are generally caused by stress or high stress and unhealthy lifestyle such as frequent consumption of fast food, lack of exercise and a diet that is not balanced.

Stroke Disease Causes
Factors causing the stroke can be classified into two factors. The first is a factor that can be changed or modified and the factors that can not be changed or modified.
Factors that can be modified:
· Diabetes (diseases caused by lack of insulin / or the body's inability to utilize insuli commonly known as diabetes)
· Obesity (abnormal disease with excessive weight)
· Smoking
· Alcohol
· Disease uncontrolled hypertension with drugs with a mixture of chemicals
· Hyperlipidemia (excess cholesterol)

Factors that can not be changed / modified:
· Have a history of vascular disorders
· Have a history of disturbances in blood clotting
· Elderly (generally those aged approximately 60 years old or older are more at risk of stroke)
· Have had a previous stroke
· Tervonis coronary heart disease
· Disease sickle cell anemia
· Meliki high blood pressure in the long term or chronic
· Using drugs blood clotting

Efforts Prevent Stroke
1. Stroke is a very dangerous disease that we all must take some measures to prevent stroke following:
2. Lowering cholesterol levels with a healthy diet, regular exercise and assisted with traditional/ natural medicine
3. Stopping smoking and consuming alcohol
4. Efforts to lose weight for those affected by obesity and seeks to prevent or treat diabetes
5. Efforts to prevent hypertension with medication (familiarize with traditional medicine / natural)
6. Organized in sport and balanced with a healthy diet and is rich in nutrients and prevent conditions of stress or stressful situation.

Good reader, we should not underestimate the slightest symptoms or something that would cause a stroke disease, so it must keep your body to keep it healthy.

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Muscle shortcoming or fractional loss of motion on one side is restricting in a few exercises and just backs us off in others. Playing golf can in any case be rehearsed, absolutely not promptly after a stroke but rather it can be attempted to and has advantages that can be inestimable for people physically as well as mentally and sincerely particularly.

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