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Stop the Habit of Staying up Late

For friends who often stay up too late at night. Stop the habit of staying up late because it is known that if at any time your bad habits can have negative impacts on health. Any disorder that may result from staying up?

stop stay up late

· Diabetes
Poor sleeping patterns will affect blood sugar levels and hormones that control appetite. If the hormones in the body that can lead to impaired glucose intolerance and insulin production dala body, so insulin is not able to cope with blood sugar levels.

· Brain damage
Too often stayed up late making body can not maximize the body organs. Usually when waking people will feel heavy on the head, which can be signs of gagar cerebellum is attacking, if this habit continues, the brain will be threatened damage.

· Heart cancer
According to research done by the doctors, the habit of staying up late and waking up too late is a major cause of liver damage.

· Weak Immune System
As a result of often staying up late to make the health of cells in the brain is decreased, but it can destroy white blood cells that affects the immune system, so that people often stay up very easily hurt.

· Increase the Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke
Often staying up late cause inflammation the arteries, which are at risk of plaque buildup that can clog blood vessels.

· Hypertension
Hypertension or commonly referred to as high blood pressure can also result from the habit of staying up late, because it makes the body and brain become weakened thereby increasing the stress is prolonged.

· Obesity
Night sleep makes the body's metabolism becomes impaired, especially when combined with fatty foods make the body more quickly to produce fat to eventually lead to obesity.

· Alzheimer / senile
Alzheimer's is a disease of forgetfulness or dementia either permanently or temporarily. Alzheimer's usually affects the elderly, the disease is not contagious, the patient is confused and weak in memory. One of the causes of Alzheimer's itself that is too often staying up.

So what if you already have the habit? Here's an easy solution that you can try:
· Expand drinking water
· Diligent exercise, especially at dusk
· Avoid oily and fast food
· Consumption of vitamins and vegetable seeds
· Drinking milk at night

From now  habits stop sleeping too late, and it's good for friends set pattern of regular rest. Try not too often work overtime, or perform activities that are not important in the hours of rest. Hope it is useful.

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