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Some Type Food Should not be Eaten Simultaneously

There is some type food should not be eaten Simultaneously. Approximately what foods it? Consider the following.
type food should not be eaten simultaneously

Soy Milk with Egg
Eggs are a protein-containing foods, while soy milk can reduce the activity of the protease enzyme used by the body to help metabolize protein. If consumed together, the proteins in the egg will be lost.

Milk with Chocolate
Milk is rich in protein and calcium, while chocolate contains a lot of oxalic acid. Calcium from milk and chocolate oxalic acid can form calcium oxalate which in addition are not easily dissolve in the body, can also cause diarrhea if they are eaten together.

Milk with Pomelo
Protein in milk can react with the acid in the fruit pomelo and make one's stomach feels bloated. These acids also can over-stimulate the stomach and cause diarrhea.

Milk with Fruit
Various kinds of fruits such as strawberries, apples, dragon fruit, or melon, there should not be consumed with milk. Fruits that contain a lot of acid when combined with milk that is high in protein, will make acid binding proteins so the fruit becomes difficult to be digested by the body.

Soybeans with Spinach
Soybeans are not suitable if consumed along with spinach, because spinach contains oxalic acid which can react with the calcium contained in soybean. It can form calcium oxalate compounds which are then deposited in the intestines and insoluble. Soy and spinach are eaten together will affect the absorption of calcium, causing a blockage in the stomach. So often cook spinach do not mix with tempeh or tofu, because both these foods made from soy.

Soybeans with Green Onions
Soy contains many nutrients such as protein and calcium, whereas the green onion contains a lot of oxalic acid. When calcium and oxalic acid met, oxalic acid will destroy calcium. Consumption of soy and green onions can simultaneously affect the absorption of calcium. If this practice is continued in the long term, the body will lack of calcium which then causes spasms, osteomalacia (decreased bone mineral content), and fractures.

Meat with Watermelon
Watermelon is a type of food that is cold, whereas meat (mutton) are hot. When taken together, the effects of mutton nutritious would be significantly reduced. For patients with spleen asthenia, this can jeopardize the energy and interfere with the spleen and stomach.

Meat with Vinegar
Meat is a food that is hot, while vinegar is warm. If both of these foods are consumed together both of these foods would be to over-activate the energy and blood circulation in the body, so the adverse effects to health if consumed bersaam both materials would be at risk of dying from heart disease.

Beef with Chestnut
Beef and chestnuts good for the stomach, however, chestnuts contain vitamin C, which can react with micro in beef and reduce nutrient chestnuts. This combination is not good for the digestion and can cause dyspepsia.

Shrimp with Vitamin C
Serious risk will be experienced by someone who ate shrimp along with foods or drinks that contain vitamin C. Basically shrimp containing arsenic pentoxide (As2O5) and if met with a supplement containing Vitamin C, a chemical reaction will occur in the belly of the change As3O5 into Arsenic Trioxide ( As2O3) which is highly toxic. This can result in liver, heart, kidneys, blood vessels are damaged, bowel bleeding, the blood vessels dilate until someone died with five senses bleed. Therefore, do not consume beverages that contain vitamin C simultaneously with shrimp menu.

Some fruits with seafood
Several types of fruit, such as grapes, pomegranates or persimmon, should not be consumed with seafood, as it will cause nausea and abdominal bloating and abdominal pain and diarrhea. This is because the fruit contains tannin which when combined with the protein can produce substances that do not dissolve and can not be digested by the body. To avoid this, eat these fruits with a distance of about 4 hours after eating seafood.

In addition to various types of food and beverages at the top, there are foods and beverages should not be consumed together because it will cause poisoning, like a watermelon with milk, mangosteen beverages containing sugar, durian with beer, pear with honey, honey with onions, Japanese honey know, honey with soy milk, honey with tea and honey with crab. Hopefully the articles on type food should not be eaten Simultaneously above can be beneficial for you as well.
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