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Restrictions for Pregnant Women

This article contains restrictions for pregnant women, for those of you who are in the process of pregnancy is important to pay attention to things - little things ranging from nutrition, beauty products are used, the drug, as well as the activities carried out during pregnancy. Condition of the mother is not stable, especially for new entrants to the early pregnancy is at risk of a variety of disorders. 
Restrictions for Pregnant Women

Here are 11 restrictions for pregnant women who need to be considered:

- Use sunscreen, lotion, skin care products, as well as skin whitening is very risky. Chemical content such as hydrocortisone, salicylic acid, avobenzone, oxybenzone and other content will affect the development of the fetus and can cause the fetus to be poisoned. It would be better if consult your doctor if there is a safe treatment for womb or even harm.

-Avoid foods that contain lots of preservatives and MSG, the food is spicy, too sour and fizzy drinks. Also do not consume raw meat or eggs, because it contains toxoplasmosis that can cause serious infection in the fetus. Toxoplasmosis can also be found in vegetables are not washed clean. Furthermore, be careful - careful of tuna steak, sea bass, shark, or large fish that contain high mercury because it can cause nerve damage if eaten in large quantities.

-Do not do the diet during pregnancy. If fetal nutritional deficiencies that can lead to disability.

-Avoid contact peptisida in large quantities. It can harm the fetus, where the development of the brain and nervous system becomes impaired.

-Do not exercise or activity that is too severe, because it can cause miscarriage.

-Try not too much thinking, because it can affect the condition of the fetus in the womb and may cause miscarriage.

-Do not carelessly take medication without obtaining the permission of the doctor.

-Do not be too often travel far, especially the use of aircraft, especially for the young who are pregnant, as it may experience interference morning sickness.

-Avoid soft drinks or alcoholic, because it can cause developmental abnormalities in the fetus and also emotional problems in infants. Reduce caffeine-containing beverages such as coffee and tea as coffee can affect low birth weight babies, miscarriage and can also reduce the absorption of iron.

-Medical action against pregnant women should be done with care, including tooth extraction that can trigger contractions and increase the likelihood of premature birth.

-Do not use shoes or sandals high heels because it can cause muscle tension and contractions that led to miscarriage.

For regulating a healthy lifestyle during pregnancy is very important. Take care of personal hygiene and the environment and diligent - be diligent to check fetal development to the midwife or doctor so as to minimize the risk of interference - unwanted interference. So much info about dietary restrictions for pregnant women this time, may be useful for readers.

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