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The Benefit of Rose

Rose is a thorny plant that produces beautiful flowers and colorful. Roses in the latin term known as Rosa canina is greatly appreciated by the ancient Greeks and Romans. They used roses as a perfume for bathing purposes or used to decorate a banquet hall as well as for treatment. Nowadays, many people take the properties and benefits rose for health and beauty. Some products that utilize the rose, among others, rose essential oil, rose water, distillate oil, and so forth. In Indonesia the roses used for various purposes such as spray, ornate decoration, table decoration or as a sow flowers.
pink rose

Red roses are a symbol of love in which a man gives a red rose to a woman means indirectly she reveals her love. In addition, the roses have the aroma and compounds that are beneficial to health and beauty. In the health sciences, roses are often used as a drug to prevent heart disease, lower cholesterol, reduce spasms in the respiratory system, and urinary tract infections. Roses are also used as ingredients for acne, skin care, facial and hair.

Rose flower contains vitamin C, vitamin B, vitamin E, and vitamin K. In addition to vitamins, roses also contains omega 3, omega 6, tannin, acid geranik, terpenes, flavonoids, eugenol, geraniol, nerol, citronellol, feniletilakohol, pektinm polyphenol , vanillin, carotenoids, stearopten, and farnesol.
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Roses are often used in health and beauty industry as a medicine for treatment.

Healthy eyes
Rose water can be used to treat inflammation and eliminate red-eye dark circles under the eyes. 2-3 drops of rose water drops on the eyes, close your eyes a while to clean the eyes. To avoid infection do regularly.

Cleaning Miss V
With fragrance and content of its compounds, the water rose fragrance and is able to maintain the cleanliness of the feminine area. Clean the vagina using rose water mixed with warm water that has been cooked. In addition, the roses are antiseptic compounds that can kill the fungus Candida albicans cause of vaginal discharge.

Treating swelling
You can use a decoction of 2-3 roses plus 30 grams sembung were washed and boiled with 600 ml of water. Drinking boiled water is 2 times a day to cope with the swelling from the inside.

Lowering blood pressure and cholesterol
The fruit of the rose seeds are often known by roseship believed to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels in the body.

Overcoming Seizures
Roses acts as an anti-spasmodic highly effective in reducing intestinal spasms, respiratory system and muscle spasms.

As aroma therapy
The sweet smell of roses can be used as an aroma therapy that is able to soothe mind, combat depression, and increase libido.

For some women, a rose is not unfamiliar used as an ingredient for beauty treatments. The following benefits rose to a beauty;

Eliminating Acne
Water roses are rich in antioxidants that can be used as a natural cleanser and is able to kill bacteria that cause acne. It is very easy, wash your face using warm water mixed with rose water.

Skin care
The natural oils of roses can maintain the skin's natural pH balance. So that moisture and smoothness of your skin is maintained. In addition, the natural oil is able to overcome various skin diseases such as eczema and irritation.

Hair care
Rose water turned out to contain a good natural air and moisture for healthy hair. You can use rose water while shampooing in conjunction with shampoo to create a typical fragrant aroma. In addition, hair care can also be done after shampooing. Pour rose water on wet hair and massage gently gently to help hair growth. These treatments can eradicate dandruff and inflammation of the scalp.

I think enough, a review of the efficacy and benefits of roses. Hope it is useful.

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