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Moeslem The benefit of prayer movement

How can Healthy Body With prayer, you know wide companions every prayer movement appeared to have a positive purpose that may cause or stimulate the circulation of cells and tissues in the body to work more optimally. By praying the body becomes more healthy and fresh because the blood flow smoothly, aka nothing is clogged. In fact, research conducted by outside researchers proved, some of the prayer movement is indeed an effect on certain body parts. Provided that the movement actually done. So what are the benefits of each of the prayer movement that?

benefit of prayer movement

Takbiratul movement Ihram
Initial movement of prayer, which is the position of the body standing upright, raised both hands, then melipatkannya in the chest or abdomen. This movement serves to expedite the flow of blood, lymph and arm muscle strength. The position of the heart which is right under the brain makes the blood flow smoothly throughout the body. When both hands raised, stretch shoulder muscles so that blood flow and oxygen become more fluent. This movement of the body is able to prevent joint problems, especially in the upper body.

Movement Ruku
The second movement in prayer position the spine or back down straight parallel including the head. Benefits of this movement to maintain the perfection of the position and function of the spine as a buffer body and nerve centers in the body. Position parallel to the heart of our brain, so that blood flow will be maximal in the middle part of the body. Likewise, when the position of the hands on knees, this position will relax the muscles of the shoulder down to the bottom. bow is an exercise to prevent prostate problems.

Movement prostration
Because the heart is in the top position when the prostration brain, this causes oxygen-rich blood can flow up to the brain, these flows have a positive effect on one's thinking. This movement can also avoid the disruption of hemorrhoids and improve lymph flow. Prostration and bowing have tremendous benefits for fertility and female health. In addition, some studies conclude this prostration movement can maximize the function of the human brain, the right brain and the left brain. That way, someone who bow correctly and relatively old regularly did not rule can be more intelligent and creative. Prostration movement also makes the muscles from neck to feet will react and contract, so it will be stronger and faster. Not a few people who do prostrations with a time long enough to eliminate dizziness or headaches suffered.

Sitting Movement
Sitting has two different positions, namely sitting tahiyyat tahiyyat beginning and end. The difference from a seated position is located at the position of the feet. Health benefits when tahiyyat the beginning is that we rely on the groin that are connected with nerve nerve Ischiadius. This position can eliminate pain in the groin that often causes a person unable to walk. while sitting tahiyyat end very good for men because the heel suppress the flow of the bladder, male sex glands (prostate) and vas deferens channels. When done correctly, posture IRFI can prevent impotence. Variations position of the feet on iftirosy and tawarruk helped cause the entire limb muscles stretched and then relaxed again. Harmonic motion and pressure which maintain the flexibility and strength of the organs of the human body motion.

Movement Greetings
The movement of the latter prayers done, namely greeting. This is done with a simple movement, which is just turning the head to the right and to the left to look back, just once. However, if done properly will make the muscles in the neck will be better trained and toned. Moreover, it can prevent headaches and keep the facial skin firmness.
rayer movement will not benefit the body if done carelessly and quickly. Therefore, do the prayer movement properly. Do the prayer taught by the rules, so as to reap the benefits of this prayer movement.
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