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Longan Fruit for Health Benefits

This time I will discuss about Longan Fruit for Health Benefits. Longan fruit (Euphoria Longana) may already be familiar to our ears. Yes, the fruit that comes from Southeast Asia is indeed easy to find and are often bought and sold well in the market, super market, and in the fruit stalls roadside. The shape of the Longan fruit is round, smooth, grainy, and having a pimple rather rough. The color of the skin of the fruit is brown, white flesh while somewhat translucent, and has a fairly large seeds are black.

the benefit of longan fruit

Longan fruit that tastes fresh and sweet is usually consumed directly, or we can find this in the form of fruit juice that has been put in a tin container. However, did you know that the fruit is also known by the name of this " Eye Cat" has efficacy and benefits for our health?

Longan fruit content of Compound
Compounds / nutrients contained in fruit Longan is quite a lot, among others, Carbohydrates, Fiber, Manganese, Magnesium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Calcium, substance saponin, protein, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, Iron, Glucose, Sucrose , Fructose, and many more compounds / nutrients that are very good for our bodies.

Longan Fruit for Health Benefits
Once we know the compounds / nutrients in the Longan fruit, let us look at the various properties and benefits of this Longan fruit for health.

1.Longan Fruit acts as a sedative
Longan fruit contains compounds Fructose, a sugar content in the fruit. The sugar content is very good for the body, because it is able to keep the sugar levels in the blood. Combinations of compounds present in fruits Longan useful one to loosen the nerves, which can lead to a feeling of calm.

2.Kiwi can heal burns
So you can take advantage of Longan fruit to heal burns, remove the skin / shell of Longan fruit to taste. Afterwards, burn until the charcoal. Then, Longan fruit skin that has become the finely ground charcoal. Only then added with Tung Oil and paste this herb on the body burns.

3. Longan fruit to prevent heart disease
Because it contains very good for calming the nerves, then stress that there will also be lost. It will also stimulate the spleen and liver organ you to work well, improving blood flow, and can reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke deadly disease.

4. Longan has beneficial for maintaining body temperature
The content of vitamin C is high enough in the Longan fruit is very useful to keep the body temperature remains warm, despite the condition of the air around us cold. In addition, Longan fruit can also prevent us from flu.

5. Longan fruit is able to treat snake bites
Quite easy, you just need to put eye Longan fruit seeds on the body part bitten by a snake. Longan fruit seeds that will absorb the poison of snakes that exist in the body.

It turns behind its small size, Longan fruit has many benefits for the health of our bodies. But the need to underline that consume excessive Longan fruit will make your stomach feel hot. So consume fruit Longan fairly and reasonably, so that we can get the maximum benefits and efficacy. A few articles about Longan Fruit for Health Benefits, may be useful and be a reference for you.
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