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Kidney Disease

This article discusses the understanding of kidney disease, the cause of kidney disease, the characteristics / signs / symptoms of kidney disease, and various kidney diseases. Before the review was all we first try to know what the kidneys? Kidneys are the organs of excretion which consists of a pair of urinary organ located in the upper part retroperitineal cavity and serves to filter impurities from the blood and dispose of waste products of metabolism are in liquid form. But it can also kidneys to excrete waste products of metabolism of the body that do not conform or only slightly or even spend a little blood ejected through the genitals. It can be said that these symptoms are symptoms of kidney failure. No need to worry as long as we keep our diet of foods that contain a variety of chemicals that are harmful to the body, the kidneys balance the work in accordance with its function will go smoothly.

Signs and Characteristics of Kidney Disease

The signs of kidney disease as follows:
· Pain in the waist like a very unusual pain, nausea, vomiting, and high fever
· Swelling of the eyes and feet
· At the time of urination, painful and somewhat red-colored urine or out a little blood
· Frequent urination
· Reduced appetite and weight loss is not normal
· Sometimes feel shortness of breath and often feel tired and weak.
· Feeling a little pain when urinating

Various Kinds of Kidney Disease
Various kinds of kidney disease:

1. Kidney Failure
Kidney failure is a partial or complete loss of kidney function. Kidney failure who develop sudden acute renal failure can be categorized. Acute renal failure resulting in low levels of calcium, sodium and carbon dioxide below normal in the blood and urine levels, nitrogen, sulfate, phosphate and potassium in the blood are above normal. Usually the recovery of kidney failure at least six weeks. Causes of renal failure because many consume drugs / organic solution containing carbon tetrachloride, ethylene glycol and acetone are in contact with the metal compound, causing damage to the tubules in the kidney.

2. Kidney Stones
Kidney stones may be a disease that is no stranger. Kidney stones are caused due to terpuntuknya minerals and compounds or organic objects that are not able to be issued through the fluid. There is also a kidney stones are small but can be excreted in the urine, but a large need for surgery. The reduced volume of fluid and mineral buildup in the kidney is a factors that can aggravate and make the disruption of the balance between fluid and the solution in the kidney.
kidney stones

3. Glomerulonephritis
Glomerulonephritis is a disease caused due to the weakness of the immune system in the body that affect the performance of the kidney. 

4. Pyelonephritis
Pyelonephritis is an inflammation or infection of the kidney and renal pelvis. This disease often occurs and can become chronic when left in a relatively short period of time. Pyelonephritis caused by bacteria that cause impaired renal performance.

Causes of Kidney Disease
Companions variety, in addition to recognize and know the signs of kidney disease, we also need to know what causes kidney disease? Sometimes kidney disease is caused by things that are considered trivial like to hold urine, and also because many foods that contain chemicals that are harmful. As for other causes such as infection, inflammation, and also the lack of blood supply to the kidney caused by smoking, alcohol, drugs overdose, wrong medication, diabetes in the long term and others.
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