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The Benefit of Jasmine

Jasmine (Jasminum sambac) is an ornamental plant that is known for its distinctive smell and fragrant flowers. Jasmine has many plant species and is native to tropical regions and warm covers of Eurasia, Australasia and Oceania. The fragrance of jasmine flowers make it a mandatory inclusions in various events as well as certain celebration. In addition, the benefits of jasmine flowers are also very much in the field of health. Usually jasmine flowers are used as traditional medicine and herbal medicine.

benefit of jasmine

Benefits of jasmine in the health sector as one of the ingredients is closely related to the content of the compound that is in the interest. Chemical content available on jasmine include etheric oils, indole, Linalcohol, Benzilic Acetate, Alcohol Benzilic, Livalylacetaat, Jasmon.

Here's how the traditional treatment of several diseases, using leaves and jasmine:

Treating Fever and Headache
If you or your family have had a fever, jasmine can be used as an alternative treatment.
Ingredients: 1 handful of leaves jasmine 10 jasmine flowers.
How to make: the material is kneaded by hand until lightly crushed, then soaked with water in a clean container.
How to use: use of water immersion is to compress the forehead.

Treating swelling due Insect stings
Ingredients: 1 handful of jasmine flowers
How to make: the ingredients knead until smooth
How to use: finely crushed material already placed on the insect stung.

Treating Eye Hospital
Ingredients: 1 handful of leaves of jasmine
Method: The ingredients until finely
How to use: finely crushed material already affixed to the forehead above the eyes. If it is dry can be replaced with new ones.

Stopping breastfeeding Excessive
Some nursing mothers is too much secrete breast milk. Even when the baby does not suckle the milk was still out. To overcome this you can use the following herb jasmine flowers.
Ingredients: 1 handful of leaves of jasmine
Method: the material is finely crushed
How to use: taped around the breasts, every morning before bathing.

Treating Respiratory Infections
With jasmine oil added to the mix of essential oils.

Increase Strength Men
From the first, tea and jasmine oil is known as a natural aphrodisiac that is very strong, so it is recommended herbal medicine to increase libido, sexual power, stimulate the sex drive and may even treat infertility in men and women.

Stimulates Body and Organ Function System Main
By consuming jasmine tea. This tea is known as a natural tonic

As Antiseptic
Jasmine has antiseptic properties that can treat all kinds of skin infections.

Lose weight
By consuming tea and jasmine extract is very effective weight loss.

So this is the Benefits of Jasmine. Hope it is useful.

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