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Do you Have Food Addiction ?

Is diverse companions never experienced a food addiction? If so, perhaps when you eat certain foods and drinks you get extraordinary pleasure. But we need to note again that behind it all we have to control myself not to get addicted to certain foods or beverages for food addiction may negatively impact on health
a food addiction

I strongly believe that the friends have their favorite foods. Again do not be too obey hobby certain foods or beverages, because it can make you become addicted. If you are already addicted to our own to be bothered. Say, for example, you really like instant noodles boiled and fried duck, every day you just eat instant noodles and fried duck because it does not realize that already addicted to these foods that you ignore any other food. As a result, the body will be excess nutrients that you like and deficiency of food you do not like. The imbalance is what can give a bad impact on your health.

Examples of foods that it contains substances trigger people so addicted:
· Chemical substances from; alcohol, drugs, tobacco
· The caffeine in coffee or tea
· Fat, sugar, chocolate, ice cream
· Fast food, sea food, etc.

To that end, Eat all types of food evenly by choosing the right foods, so the body will get balanced nutrition 

So, this is a articles about addiction Certain foods can negatively impact health, may be useful for all of us.
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