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How to make Guava Juice

This time we will discuss recipes and how to make guava juice. Guava fruit contains vitamin C is very high. Even the content of vitamin C it can be 3 to 6 times higher than oranges. 10 times higher than the bananas. Vitamin C is found in the fruit fresh. The seeds are often not consumed was also contains vitamin C as the flesh.
how to make guava juice

As mentioned in the book that heal foods, foods that harm that 90 grams of nuts more than enough to meet the daily requirement of vitamin C in adults. In the book it is also mentioned, although it has lost almost 25 percent of the vitamin for processing, packaging guava juice box is still a good source of vitamin C. But of course fresh guava juice is better than the one already in the packaging.
With high doses of vitamin C, the immune system against the bacteria will increase. The wound healing process go faster. In addition, blood pressure is also getting better with healthy eating guava juice because the fruit is a good source of potassium.

How to use guava; select newly ripe fruit is still green and chartreuse. When ripe, store cupboard ice, do not forget drained and washed first before making juice.

How to make guava juice

75 grams of red guava, remove the skin and seeds
50 grams of lemon juice baby / Pontianak / mandarin / etc

How to make :

1. Blend until smooth flesh guava, lift
2. Add the juice of sweet, stir

A few articles about how to make guava juice. Hopefully the review in this article can be used as a useful reference for many people.
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