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How to Cook Vegetables That Correct

Do not know how to cook vegetables that correct? Cooking is a hobby or a routine activity that always exist both in the home and restaurant. But we should not carelessly, we also need to consider some rules so that the nutrients contained in them is maintained. For readers, let's learn how to cook vegetables healthy and correct.
how to cook vegetable well
- Try steaming vegetables rather than boiling, as boiling vegetables can eliminate nutrients. With steaming, all the nutrients remain locked properly.
· Grilling is a healthy alternative compared to sauteing or frying. Skin roasted vegetables can keep most of the nutrients in vegetables. Do not forget to accompany a high water content so as not to dry out. Far better to use oil zaitu to add nutrients.
· Pay attention when sauteing vegetables, avoid frying food is too long or not to cook too soft, because the vegetables were crisp contain many nutrients.
· Notice how boil vegetables well, by letting the water boil for a few minutes until the oxygen is reduced. Oxygen in the water causes the vitamin in vegetables evaporates.
· Reduce the use of salt, because it can make the flavor and color of vegetables is lost. Use other spices to add flavor your dishes.
· Avoid cutting vegetables that are too small. This can make the food more easily absorb air and impair the nutrients in it.
· Do not forget to wash vegetables with running water until clean, because soak vegetables in water can make soluble vitamin and mineral content in the water bath.
From the above brief review, then we can know how important it is to cook in a healthy way and correct. If we are wrong in cooking the same food we eat will only be futile, since it contains all the nutrients in it has been lost.

For the readers start to a healthy life starts from the way we cook. A few articles about how to cook vegetables that correct . I hope it may be useful.

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