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This article will discuss about gout that includes uric acid causes, symptoms or characteristics of gout, gout sufferers restrictions and dangers of uric acid. Gout is a disease that is already familiar to the community, because so many people who suffer from gout. Sam disease generally attacks the nerves in people aged 30 years and over. Uric acid is predominant with kidney disease, because gout can have an impact on chronic kidney disease that can even affect renal failure. Uric acid is a disease that is derived from purine metabolic waste substances obtained from the rest of the food consumed. Purine substances can be defined as a substance derived from living bodies that we consume so that it will move from the body of a living creature into our bodies. In vegetables and fruits are also many purine substances, but if we do not consume excessive'll all be fine even be healthy.

Signs and Characteristics of Uric Acid Disease

-Feels pain in the joints in the morning or evening.
-Pain repeatedly and pain feels different from people who do not suffer from gout.
-Part joints sometimes ache, tingling pains and can be accompanied by swelling and inflammation also are reddish.
-In gout patients who have continued, part of a very sore joints when used for moving.

Disease Causes Gout
Every disease there must be a factor. Such as uric acid also has a causative factor as follows:

· Consumption of food
The food was the most dominant factor, such as food containing purine substances and alcohol can increase uric acid levels.

· Age and Gender
Age and sex were the dominant factors as well. Obviously the age factor and men have a greater risk of developing gout than women.

· Drugs
The use of drugs such as aspirin and substance content of diuretics should consult a doctor.

· Health condition
Gout can be triggered by other illnesses that can cause uric acid such as hypertension, diabetes and high blood pressure. While uric acid itself in the long run can cause diseases that affect the kidneys can even also to kidney failure if it is chronic.

· Genetic
May imply genetic heredity. Why can be genetic factors that cause gout? Because gout can be classified diseases decreased, but not all gout sufferers can reduce disease in the offspring. It is like diabetes which hereditary factors may affect the offspring.

Things to Look / Precepts For Gout Sufferers
Taboo for gout sufferers is as follows:

· Seafood: oysters, crabs, anchovies, sardines, shrimp, squid, cuttlefish, clams, mussels.
· Animal Offal: liver, intestine, brain, lungs, tripe, spleen, and kidneys.
· Shredded, jerky and canned foods such as corned beef and sardines.
· Various kinds of meat such as mutton, beef, ging horse, duck, goose and turkey.
· Food through the frying process  and cooked using butter / margarine.
· Certain fruits such as pineapple, durian and coconut water.
· Foods that are rich in protein and fat.
· Cream, ice cream, eggs, cheese, broth and gravy is thick.
· Certain vegetables such as asparagus, green beans, mushroom, spinach, cauliflower, cassava leaves, spinach and papaya.
· Nuts such as peanuts, green beans, bean sprouts, chips, and soybeans (including processed products such as soy milk, and other processed-processed).

It can be deduced that gout is not just the usual pain in the joints, but a disease that can lead to danger even kidney disease. Meals are thus in consumption must be careful and not just edible food. Therefore companions variety, do not ever underestimate gout and uric acid triggers the disease. Every disease must be prevented before it happens and if it happens fast-hurry treated before aggravating circumstances.

Thus, the articles about Gout. May be useful for all of us.

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