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Fruit Juices To Overcome PMS

PMS (premenstrual syndrome) is a collection of symptoms of physical or non-physical, psychological, and emotions experienced by women related to the menstrual cycle. Pre-menstrual source of the cause is unclear, but according to a theory due to the rise and fall of estrogen and progesterone in women. PMS problem is common in women of childbearing age, especially at the age of 20-40 years.
PMS situation

A man becomes very necessary to understand information about PMS because of pre-menstrual also affect a woman's emotional. Women who have PMS often experience abdominal cramping, pain, mood swings, feeling depressed, irritable and irritability, mild headache, fatigue, appetite changes, insomnia, and other symptoms. By knowing these symptoms should a lacquer-man should try to understand the physical and non-physical condition of the wife he loves.

In simple terms there are several ways to reduce the symptoms of PMS either by limiting the consumption of sugar and salt, aerobic exercise, and most delicious way is to eat a variety of fruit or drink fruit juice. Consuming fruit juice is one of the therapies that are safe for health, the other way is to multiply the consumption of complex carbohydrates, foods that contain vitamin B6, consuming milk, reproduce drinking water, and reduce food and beverages containing caffeine and carbonated.

The nutrient content of foods can reduce PMS symptoms include:
· Calcium
· Potassium
· Vitamin B6
· Complex carbohydrates

Nutritional content of some of the above type of fruit and vegetables has benefits for reducing the symptoms of PMS, namely bananas, melons, oranges, cucumbers, Beet, green spinach, celery, avocado. One use was that by processing the fruit into juice, in addition to taste more delicious, fruit and vegetable juices more easily digested compared to consume fruits and vegetable directly. Here are a variety of juices and recipes that fit to cope with PMS:

· 200g melon orange
· 100 ml unsweetened soy milk
· 1 orange sweet
· 2 tablespoons molasses
How to make:
Take an orange and squeeze the water
Cut the melon
Insert pieces of melon and lemon juice into the blender
Add the soy milk and molasses
Blend until smooth
Pour into a glass, soon served

· 1 slice bananas
· 100ml milk
· 3 tablespoons of yogurt
· 100ml water sweet orange
· 1 spoon sugar syrup
How to make:
Peel and cut the bananas to be easily destroyed
Take the orange and squeeze, take the water
Enter banana slices and juice add fluid milk, yogurt, and sugar syrup into a blender. Process until smooth
Prepare the serving glasses. Pour juice into glass.
Immediately served

· 4 carrots
· 5 green spinach leaves
· 1 stalk celery
· 1 tablespoon sugar syrup or honey
How to make:
Enter leaf spinach, carrots, celery into juice extractor
Process to exit the juice, pour into a glass
Add molasses or honey as a sweetener, stir
Serve immediately while still fresh
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