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Extraordinary Ingredients of Noni

This current research continues to develop research on the Extraordinary Ingredients of Noni, both conducted by the physician and botanist and biochemist. These studies show that Noni juice can stimulate the immune system, regulating cell function and regeneration of cells damaged tissue. Noni can also be used for a variety of health conditions.
Benefits of Noni

Some Benefits of Noni:

Prevent cancer, noni fruit can be called as an anti-cancer fruit that can prevent the development of cancer cells in the body.

Substance scopoletin in noni can accelerate blood circulation and widen blood vessels are narrowed. Besides these substances can also kill bacteria and anti-allergy.

The content contained in noni fruit turned out to be very effective in relieving pain during PMS or during menstruation. The fruit is believed to minimize the hormonal changes when the PMS and menstruation so that menstrual syndrome can be overcome, such as relieve sensitive, and mood changing during menstruation, restore menstrual cycles are irregular, relieve pain during menstruation ..

The content of methyl acetyl, morindone and kapril acid can increase the strength of the bones in the body. Very good for people suffering from bone loss.

For those who have hypertension, you can take advantage of the noni fruit. The way to prepare 2 ripe noni fruit and 1 tablespoon of honey. Squeeze the noni fruit, then mix water with honey.

Other benefits of the noni fruit is to treat coughs. The trick boiled 1 noni fruit with half a handful of leaves poo (bujanggut) into 2 cups of water. Boiled up for 15 minutes. Then strain the water and drink it twice a day every morning and evening.

Increase endurance, stimulates the production of T cells in the immune system. T cells play an important role in fighting the disease. Strengthens the immune system, especially macrofaset and lymphocytes of white blood cells. Besides noni can improve the function of the thyroid gland and the thymus gland, which is believed to act against infections and problems associated with the immune system.

Noni similar fitonutrien, namely scopoletin which serves to widen the blood vessels are narrowed. This causes the heart does not have to work too hard to pump blood so that the blood pressure became normal.

To cope with skin diseases. Such as burns, scabies, boils, cellulite, skin worms, dandruff, ringworm, and inflammation of the skin, ulcers on the skin, and skin problems on the other.

Being in the world of beauty Noni has properties to cope with dandruff, prevent hair loss, and eliminates scaly skin.

Efficacy above are just some of the hundreds of Extraordinary Ingredients of Noni we can know. May be beneficial

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