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Epilepsy Disease

Epilepsy or epilepsy is a disorder that occurs in the nervous system of the brain caused by the activity of groups of neurons that are too excessive, resulting in a variety of reactions in people who suffer from epilepsy are. However there is also a thought that epilepsy is caused due to excessive load and interfere in the brain so that the brain impulse transmission from another body gets disrupted and lead to events such as sudden convulsions that accompanied the release of as much saliva from the mouth. Even some patients feel unconscious.
epilepsy disease

A person can be diagnosed if the person is epileptic seizures that are not caused by alcohol or low blood pressure, but because of disturbances in the nervous system that is sudden and the cause seizures. Epilepsy sometimes affects a person who has a background as head trauma, stroke, brain tumors and organ damage to the brain and nervous system at birth. Epilepsy or epilepsy can happen to anyone, either in adults or kid. Thus it is often frustrating for people who exist around because in the event of a seizure can not be resuscitated but will be conscious of itself.

Causes of Epilepsy
Epilepsy occurs due to an interruption in the nervous system in general, but on the other hand epilepsy also due to the following matters:

1. Never experienced a high fever.
2. neonatal asphyxia (a condition in newborns who fail to breathe spontaneously and regularly soon after birth, so it can reduce C02 O2 and possibly increase the lead to bad consequences in the lives of more).
3. History of mothers who have a high risk, such as hard labor, the use of the drugs side effects, diabetes and hypertension.
4. Heredity.
5. History of the disease in children, such as measles and mumps.
6. Disturbances in metabolism or malnutrition during childhood.
7. Never experienced intoxication (poisoning) caused by chemical drugs or alcohol.

But not all of it can lead to epilepsy, if one can avoid those factors that are likely to be spared from epilepsy. But you also have to remain vigilant and always keep the organs, especially the brain and nervous system.

Epilepsy Disease Symptoms
Epilepsy is a type of disease that suddenly, therefore it happened was like a shock, but the symptoms are not short. There is usually accompanied by high fever immediately fell to the floor and convulsions, and even removing the foam from the mouth, but seemed unconscious. Basically the thing that disturbed is the nervous system, but the visible symptoms are seizures. And an attack of epilepsy may occur repeatedly. In people with epilepsy tend to be difficult to think, even some that like an idiot if epilepsy is often the case. The most common side effects in people with epilepsy are forgetful or distracted and the ability of thinking in children. This is very disturbing because it will lead to disruption of learning activities and will impact the future of these children when patterns of thought interrupted.

Epilepsy Treatment
For prevention is very easy, by always maintaining hygiene, stay away from properties that worried or very draining mindset, diet balanced, regular rest, exercise regularly and refrain from drugs that contain chemicals that affect the nervous system or brain, as well as stay away from alcohol and other intoxicating things.
As for treatment, you can mix traditional medicine, the use of gotu kola leaf. A study concluded that gotu kola leaf has a content of anticonvulsants, anticemas, analgesics and sedatives. For the recipe as follows:

1. Take a handful of gotu kola leaves and wash thoroughly.
2. Take brown sugar or palm sugar.
3. Blend or mash the ingredients until well blended.
4. Take the mixture secendok and brewed with a glass of boiling water.
5. Strain the herb and drink in patients with epilepsy routinely, namely with a glass a day to epilepsy do not recur.

Thus the article of mine about Epilepsy Disease. In essence epilepsy can be classified as hereditary diseases like diabetes. Hopefully useful and can be a reference for you.
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