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Efficacy and Benefit Galangal

Galangal herbs (galangal) is one plant that is often used parts of the rhizome. In Indonesia alone, there are 2 types of galangal, namely Galangal Galangal Red and White. Red galangal have red meat, and often is used as a traditional medicine. It has long been our ancestors utilizing Red galangal to be used as traditional medicine, such as to overcome the fungus disease, increase appetite, to treat arthritis. Galangal while White has white meat, often used as a food flavoring herbs. But if you already know how to process this Galangal plant into traditional medicine that can cure / treat various diseases? If you do not already know do not worry, I'll discuss in this article.

The content of Compound Galangal
Plants that have a scientific name Alpinia galanga has many compounds that are good for our health. Galangal compounds include: Eugenol, sesquiterpenes, Methyl cinnamic, Pinen, Shipyard, Kaemferida, Yellow Crystal, Galangol, saponins, flavonoids, and Tannin. Moreover, Galangal plants also contain oil and also oil Astiri Fly.

Traditional treatment with Galangal
Containing Compounds that are good for the health of the body, it is not surprising that plant commonly referred to Laos by this java stout serve as a powerful traditional medicine to overcome a wide range of health problems in our bodies. Such defects can be treated with prescription herb Galangal as below:

Treating Arthritis
Prepare 2 Galangal rhizome of thumb, 1 whole egg and chicken. The first step, parutlah galangal, then wring to take on water. After that, mix with chicken egg yolk. Mix well. Drink this concoction 1x daily.

Increase appetite
Prepare 1 rhizome galangal thumb, ½ rhizome Kencur of thumb, 3 Noni fruit is still raw, ½ teaspoon ground coriander, 1 clove Garlic, 3 eyes fruit Tamarind ripe, 1 slice of brown sugar, Jakeling, jalawe and Jarahab. Boil all ingredients with 2 cups of water before, then wait until boiling / remaining 1 cup of water. Drink ½ cup this ingredient, in the morning and evening.

Treating Diseases Spleen
Prepare 2 Galangal rhizome of thumb, 3 rhizome of Curcuma of thumb, and 1 handful of leaves Meniran. Boil all ingredients with 3 cups of water before, then wait until boiling. Drink this mixture as much as 1 cup in the morning and evening.

Treating Measles (Morbili)
Prepare 4 Galangal rhizome of thumb, 1 teaspoon White Wood Oil, and 1 teaspoon oil Gondopura. The first step, parutlah galangal until smooth. Next, mix the grated galangal results with White Wood Oil and Oil Gondopura evenly. Use this herb as medicine outside.

To be able to get relief or maximum results, then be diligent taking traditional prescription according to the instructions above herbalists. A few articles about the benefits of galangal, may be useful and could be a reference for you.
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