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Easy Ways to Help Reduce Eye Minus

How can I help reduce eye minus? The eye is an organ of the human body is very important to be maintained. Of a person's eyes can see millions of shapes and colors are integrated perfectly. A healthy eye would be everyone's dream. Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have healthy eyes.

In addition to hereditary factors, problems in the eye can be caused due to poor lifestyle and the lack of rest. One example that is eye minus.
Eye Minus

Eye minus or myopia is a condition in which a person can not see distant objects, the object becomes vague or opaque. This happens because the rays entering the eye can not fall precisely on the retina, it is in front of the retina. So that the object received become blurred.

There are a few tips below you can do:

· If necessary, try not to use glasses. The use of continuous glass eye will only make your dependency.
· Perform wax therapy, by staring at a burning candle without blinking until the tears. Perform routine at least 4 times a week.

· Clean regularly using eye drops, in order to avoid dirt and bacteria.

· Consumption of foods that contain a lot of vitamin A, such as carrots, vegetables, and other.

· Do not be too focused on one object, frequently change the object of your view. If you are working in front of a screen, preferably every 30 minutes to look away from the screen.

· Perform therapy betel leaf, betel leaf paste that have washed, in the eye during sleep. Or it could be a betel leaf dipped into hot water, let stand until the water turns warm. Use it to wash the eye by means of eye blinking on the water surface betel.

· Compress the eye with warm water, because they compress the eye with water can make the eyes to relax so that the muscles on the eyeball is lost.

Keep your eye health by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Eat nutritious foods and avoid foods that contain caffeine, alcohol, foods that contain a lot of sugar. Rest your eyes if it is felt getting tired. Hopefully Easy Ways to Help Reduce Eye Minus can be beneficial
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