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Disease Chronic Gastritis

School activities or work piling up reasons sometimes make a person stress, to ignore their diet. As a result of ulcer disease was attacking. Maag itself is a disease suffered by most people. Occurs due to injury or inflammation of the stomach, characterized by bloating, pain, nausea and a tingling feeling in the stomach and gut. Unfortunately, people underestimate this disease, causing inflammation is increasingly serious. It certainly can lead to chronic gastritis. Diseases such as what is Chronic Gastritis? following his review.

Chronic Ulcer Dyspepsia is a syndrome or stomach ulcers should not be underestimated. Chronic heartburn can lead to decreased body condition, if left without treatment, the possibility of the healing process will be very difficult, because it is basically a chronic ulcer healing can not be cured completely. Chronic ulcers occur because of poor diet, prolonged stress, or eating corrosive materials (spicy, sour), poisoning and degeneration of the stomach lining in the elderly. In addition the cause also because there are bacteria in the stomach that causes the lining of the stomach weakened and brittle so that stomach acid can penetrate these parts. One type of bacteria that is H pylory. Bacteria H pylory, actually not resistant to acid, but these bacteria can protect itself on the lining of the stomach or the mucosal layer. This is what causes the stomach lining to become weak and brittle.
chronic gastritis

Symptoms of Chronic Gastritis
-Pain in the pit of the stomach painful and poignant and interspersed with shortness of breath and flatulence.
-Nausea as if to vomit
-Burp continuously
-Tongue seemed not thin and foul-smelling breath
-Difficulty sleeping because of pain disorders in the abdominal area
-Drastically decreased appetite
-Often cold sweat and face pale plasticity
-Head feels dizzy and body temperature rises
-Some ulcer patients who have acute or chronic bleeding in the stomach so that when the patient vomit it will bleed colored black.

How to Overcome Chronic Gastritis Disease
- Eat regularly and do not familiarize empty stomach
- Avoid a strict diet because this will make the state of the stomach may refuse food
- Inadequate nutritional needs with healthy food
- Avoid instant foods, spicy and sour
- If the condition is severe, then you should consult a medical expert to obtain more precise handling.

Chronic gastritis is very necessary to get the attention and serious treatment so as not to lead to other diseases, such as hepatitis A, gastric cancer, constipation, bleeding and so forth. If you have problems in your diet, you should start to reorganize in order to avoid a wide variety of digestive disorders. Hopefully the review of the above disease Chronic Gastritis can add information and insight to a friend.

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