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Dengue Fever Symptoms and Medication

The low awareness of every individual will maintain an environment often cause many problems. This is evidenced by the existence of health problems that can be encountered in various places, one example of dengue fever.

aedes aegypti mosquito

Dengue fever is a threat to anyone. This disease can usually be found in sub-tropical and subtropical regions, and often strike during the rainy season comes. Outbreaks of dengue fever itself is caused by the bite of aedes aegypti mosquito that has been infected with dengue virus and the consequences could be dangerous. Nearly a third of the world's population, or about 50-100 million cases of people affected by this disease.

Symptoms of dengue fever:
· Sudden high heat for 2-7 days, in which the body temperature can reach 38º C to 40º C
· Looks red spots on the skin, and if stretched skin rash that does not disappear.
· Trombositomenia reached 100,000 per mm3
· Can occur perndarahan in plasma which is identical to the increase in blood vessel walls
· Nosebleed
· Pain in the gut due to bleeding in the stomach
· Experiencing vomiting blood to bleed even BAB
· Hermatemeses or melena
· Patients will experience a cold sweat
· Patients will feel weak all over his body
· The presence of bleeding on petechiae, akimosis or lungs
· If it is severe, the patient will feel anxious, cold sweat.

What is the cure? There are several types of plants that can be used as medicine for patients with DB, including:

-Guava, flavonoid that can increase levels of platelets in the blood. According to the study, extract of dried leaves of guava for 5 days could speed up the achievement of a platelet count> 100,000 / ml, giving a dry extract every 4-6 hours increase platelet count> 100,000 / ml after 12-14 hours, without causing significant side effects.
-Turmeric, this plant proved beneficial to treat dengue.
-Papaya leaves, this plant contains kontinin, miosmin, glycosides, karposid, Karpin, papain. The content Papin in papaya leaves has a therapeutic effect in patients with swelling of the liver, kelain, eyes and intestines. Swelling of the liver was found in patients with dengue fever.

It is important for friends to perform a variety of prevention from now, so it can avoid various diseases. Keep our environment healthy. 
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