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Dangers of Hemorrhoid Disease

What the hemorrhoid disease? Hemorrhoid disease or commonly called hemorrhoids is a disease caused by the swelling of blood vessels in the lower gut axis, either outside or inside the rectum. Hemorrhoid disease is usually accompanied by pain in the anus, when sitting or during defecation. Hemorrhoid disease in the form of a lump-like bluish red blotches, and this bump that impede blood flow to the stomach. This disease should not be considered unusual, since it remains dangerous to the body.

Hemorrhoid disease has not defined what causes it, but it is expected because of the pattern of long sitting or sitting the wrong pattern, causing blood flow in the rectum depressed and thickening Jarn die around the anus that impede blood flow. Hemorrhoid sufferers should not consume spicy foods, high in fat and hard alcohol, because it will cause the intestinal wall section loosened. Patients are encouraged to eat fruit - fruit, vegetables - vegetables, and regular exercise, and adequate rest. In addition, it is also required to reduce the work that hard or if it needs to stop and also avoid sitting too long.
Dangers of hermorrhoid disease
Hemorrhoid Disease Symptoms

Hemorrhoid disease is one type of anal disease, and therefore the hemorrhoid disease have symptoms of organ expenditure section, the following symptoms - symptoms of hemorrhoids:
· It's hard when defecating
· Feeling uncomfortable in the anus while sitting or painful
· The heat while sitting
· Itching time after defecation
· Pain during bowel movements
· For patients who have undergone long-term will usually dripping anus section
· A lump or bulge out

For those of you who have these symptoms, immediately consult a doctor, because if left untreated will heal itself without any effort to cure. Hemorrhoid disease attack on people - people who work while sitting too long, but for us also to be vigilant, because the piles are also not sure what the cause.

Depth Stadium Hemorrhoid Disease

Hemorrhoid is also divided into four stages as follows:
Stage 1 hemorrhoid does not show serious symptoms, it's just difficult to defecate.
Stage 2 lumps that come out, but not too hard. These lumps usually appear while defecating and it will go by itself when standing hemorrhoid sufferers.
Stage 3 will lump started to grow. These lumps will also be out during defecation but will not go by itself, it needs a push hands to put it.
Stage 4 hemorrhoids or piles will continue to come out even with the help of hands to put it, but the lump hemorrhoid will continue to come out and this needs special handling. Piles will be clear and formed a circle around the anus.

Handling and Treatment of Hemorrhoids
Hemorrhoid is a disease that is difficult to find a cure, but its good if you want to consume  drugs that have been traditionally secured. I also do not know what the right of traditional medicine, but if your doctor for the affected hemorrhoid will also be checked with a digital rectal examination. But if there are parts such as blood clots are very sick then it will not do a digital rectal examination. Your doctor will know what action is best for usIf we do not deal with the serious danger of hemorrhoid disease may be worse. Therefore, let us keep our diet and our health.

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