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Coronary Heart Disease

Coronary heart disease is a disease that is at the heart organ, the which is the caused by damage to blood vessel walls due to Several factors such as smoking habits both passive and active smoking, hypertension, obesity, cholesterol and others - others. Own heart is an organ that is extremely important, Because It serves to pump blood around the body through blood vessels. What happens if our heart coronary heart disease? You should know, that coronary heart disease long - run will have an impact on heart failure, in the which the heart can no longer function properly items, namely the blood pumping.

coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease usually affects people - those aged over 45 years and over, but anyone can be afflicted by this disease due to environmental or other factors. Also free radicals are one of the factors that can lead to coronary heart disease. What the free radicals? Free radicals are molecules without ion pair binding to other molecules that cause the molecule or substance to be damaged or Altered traits. For example, the blood vessels narrowed Become so that the die or Become impaired blood flow. As for the kind of - kind sources of free radicals include:

a. Cigarette smoke
b. Water pollution
c. Pollution from chemical spray
d. Pollution of electromagnetic radiation, such as from handpone, monitors, TVs and other - other.
e. Comes from the body itself items, namely diabetes.

Symptoms of coronary heart disease, Among others:
1. Experiencing symptoms of shortness of breath (asthma)
2. Experiencing symptoms of pain in the chest, arms, shoulders, neck, and back
3. Experiencing pain in the chest, but different - different variations.

Prediction of Coronary Heart People Affected

Who are the people who are at high risk of coronary heart disease? They are the risk of the which is as follows:
-Male Elderly aged 45 years and above, whereas in women above 55 years.
-People who have high blood pressure and diabetes.
-Smoker , both active smokers and passive smokers.
-People with obesity (overweight) and lack of time to rest.
-Environmental factors that cause a person to suffer from coronary heart disease at age less than 45 years in men - men and less than 55 years for women can also be the caused by environmental factors that are not higiesnis.
-Suffering high cholesterol.

Treatment of Heart Disease
Treatment, prevention or rehabilitation of heart disease does not actually need drugs - drugs
of materials - chemicals or mixtures. Here is the prevention or rehabilitation of disease coronary heart:

1.Healthy life
Diet, Events surrounding environment, exercise, and adequate rest are Also very influential
for our heart health to avoid coronary heart disease.

2.Stay away to smoke
Cigarette smoke is not only a cause of coronary heart disease but can have an impact on various
diseases such as impotence, disorders in pregnant women and others - others. If Patients with coronary heart disease
could not avoid the smoke from coronary heart disease will be more severe, and can even
the resulting in heart failure.

3. Avoid stress, hypertension and obesity
This factor will be very easy to attack when there is no prevention, especially hypertension andobesity. Both of Reviews These health problems but can have an impact on coronary heart disease, may also impact on other diseases such as kidney disease.

Once we know what the impact of heart disease. So start early do prevention and begin a healthy lifestyle to avoid coronary heart disease. Because we have seen that a very serious impact of coronary heart disease is heart failure, where the heart can not perform its function of pumping blood throughout the body. Events can cause death or disability in the other vital organs.
To start a healthy pattern, can be started from the food either vegetables or fruit that is rich in vitamins.Keep healthy !!

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