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Childhood Cancer and Treatment

Childhood cancer is a term that refers to a cancer that affects children before the age of 15 years. Actually, cancer in children is rare. WHO states that the number of children with cancer about 0.5% to 4.6% of all cancer patients.
childhood cancer

The most frequent type of cancer that occurs in children

Patterns of childhood cancer is very different from cancer that occurs in adults. In general, about one third of all cancer in children also had leukemia. More berbaya again is lymphoma (a type of blood cancer) and tumors of the central nervous system. There are several types of tumors that occur in children including neuroblastoma (cancer of the nervous system), nephroblastoma (cancer of the kidneys), medulloblastoma (tumor lodged in the cerebellum) and retinoblastoma (tumor diseases primary malignant in children who grow rapidly comes from retinal cells of the eye). While breast cancer, lung, colon or rectum, usually occurs in adults and is very rare in children.

Detecting cancer early child

Generally, the beginning of cancer in children is marked with signs and some non-specific symptoms, which cause these cancers to be detected late. Children in high-income countries typically get special supervision from parents and medical, so that cancer can be detected early. Meanwhile, in the low-income countries, typically occur many additional barriers to detect cancer early. This occurs because of limitations in accessing health care and cancer diagnostic facilities are not adequate.

Therefore, parents should be intensified in monitoring the health of children. If an interruption occurs immediately check the child's health condition in a specialist to be diagnosed. So it is becoming one of the ways to detect the disease early, whether cancerous or not.

Is childhood cancer can be cured?

Based on the research that has been conducted in high-income countries, about 80% of children with cancer survive five years or more after diagnosis of cancer. This is an improvement of treatment outcome so expect cancer patients who need pegobatan and maintenance can be saved. In the countries of low and middle income. It usually cause delay in diagnosing cancer hospital due to inadequate, drugs and equipment are lacking appropriate facilities for the treatment of cancer.

If the child to be suffering from cancer, then as parents should supervise and treatment of cancer in children consistently. Do not combine alternative medicine and medical. Because it was feared would make the illness worse and interfere with treatment.

In some cases, many of those who had suffered from childhood cancer, can now be cured because apart from the grace of God, family / parents also swiftly so that cancers in children can be detected early. So, he children get intensive treatment. And eventually the cancer can be cured.


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