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Benefits of Mangosteen Skin

This article will discuss Benefits of Mangosteen Skin which is outstanding. As the queen of fruits, not only fruit, mangosteen peel is also very beneficial for health. Powder contained in mangosteen peel contains vitamin B1, B2, vitamin C, xanthones, mangostin, alkaloids, tannins, calcium, potassium, sodium, iron, garsinon, flavonoid, epicatechin, and gartanin.
Magosteen skin juice

Research shows that the compounds contained can be used as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-function, anti-free radicals and others. Even lately started once discovered many health products that use the skin of the mangosteen as a main ingredient. For a variety of companions who do not know what are the benefits and how to cultivate, following his review.

Skin Mangosteen Benefits:

· Strengthening the immune system
· Heal inflammation
· Improving communication between cells
· Fails the DNA damage
· Tools lymph system
· Maintaining optimal thyroid function
· Reducing insulin resistance
· Assist weight loss
· Balancing the endocrine system
· Heals nerve damage
· Helps relieve hemorrhoids
· Helps lower blood sugar levels
· Lighten skin diseases reddish or scaly
· Helps heal wounds
· Helps prevent heart disease
· Strengthen the blood vessels
· Lowering LDL cholesterol
· Lowering high blood pressure
· Helps prevent arteriosclerosis
· Helps stop diarrhea
· Can relieve inflammation of the small or large intestine
· Can prevent one of the inflammatory bowel disease
· Slowing the aging process
· Helps prevent kidney stones
· Helps prevent nervous system diseases (Parkinson)
· Easing the pain of arthritis
· Helps reduce fever
· Can cope with food poisoning
· Healing the wounds of the throat
· Help heal canker sores
· Overcoming shortness of breath
· Helps reduce the migrant (the headaches)
· Can help reduce toothache
· Can improve the ability to cope with stess

Utilization Method Skin Mangosteen:

Created Juice
The way to take part in the mangosteen rind, put it in a blender and add 1 cup water and sugar to taste. It would be better to use brown sugar, you can also add honey to taste is not too pait, then blend until smooth. Then drink it regularly every 2 times a day.

Boiled and Drained
The trick is the mangosteen rind sliced ​​thinly then dried in the sun to dry, it is intended that the mangosteen peel can last a long time and is resistant to mold. Then take 1 handful of dried mangosteen skin, boiled with a glass of water, wait a few minutes until the skin of the mangosteen wither. After wilting take mangosteen rind decoction is then put on to make juice and mixed with other fruits.

By Way pounded
Do almost the same as above, namely dried mangosteen rind, then after grab dried mangosteen peel taste and mashed up into a fine powder. Meanwhile, to make it a medicine, take pollen from the mangosteen peel and mix with juice or brewed with hot water and then add the honey so that it's not too bitter.

I hope this article "Benefit of  Mangosteen Skin" will increase your knowledge.
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