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Benefits of Green Tea for Beauty

Efficacy and Benefits of Green Tea for Beauty - One more secrets of nature that green tea leaves are rich in benefits. Besides being able to be used as a refreshing drink, green tea also has many other benefits. Various ingredients in green tea is very beneficial to maintain health and beauty. Green tea consumption of 3-5 cups a day is believed efficacious to prevent various diseases such as cancer functions, arthritis, cholesterol, heart disease, infections and immune disorders.
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Green tea is also beneficial for weight loss, green tea increases the metabolism in the body that make more calories burned. Green tea was used because the leaves have to have tremendous benefits for health and beauty. Green tea contains catechins lot included in polyphenolic compounds from falvanoid cluster. Green tea contains 30-40% catechins. Not only good for health, green tea also provides many benefits for beauty. We have had a lot of beauty products that make green tea as one of its main ingredients

I tell you why green tea is a good for beauty:

1. Green tea can be regarded as a warehouse benefits for the skin. It contains a lot of antioxidants that are effective against free radicals. Free radicals, which are formed when skin is exposed to UV rays of the sun, is responsible for premature aging.

2. Green tea has also been found to be very effective in protecting the skin against sunburn and tanning when applied locally.

3. The antioxidants found in green tea is also responsible for the fight against skin cancer by blocking the cancer causing harmful enzymes, garbage.

4. The amazing natural component is also responsible for the process of cell renewal. Keratinocyte cells are biologically old energy by polyphenol compounds in green tea, which, in turn, synthesize DNA and prevents premature aging of cells.

5. On the occasion of inflammation of the skin, green tea acts as a sedative great. It has also been found that green tea showed a significant improvement between the case of psoriasis and rosacea, accompanied by inflammation.

6. In the case of acne and acne, green tea contains antibacterial comes a big help in it, known as catechins, reduces the hormonal stimulation of the skin. Furthermore, the overall appearance of the skin is also improved along with the skin when used green tea as a beverage or as a mask.

7. Experts suggest that the application of green tea mask directly on the face is the most effective sun guards. Acne and acne eased away with the green tea treatment when the same mask is applied to the face.

8. Eliminate bad breath, Green Tea is an herbal ingredient that is an antiseptic that can prevent the microbes that cause bad breath. The way you can do to eliminate bad breath is by pouring one cup of boiling water in a container containing 100 grams of green tea leaves. Let stand for 30 minutes. Take one tablespoon of baking soda and mixed with liquid green tea. Use this as a toothpaste.

9. Body slimming, the benefits of this one of the most sought-after are slimming. The trick, brewed tea leaves as many as three tablespoons to warm. After that, add lime juice as a fruit. This mixture is stirred until smooth and then filtered. This steeping water can be taken twice a day each as much as one-half cup in the morning and afternoon.

Thus this article on the benefits of green tea for the beauty of the face and skin, may Benefits of Green Tea For Beauty can be useful and can be used as reference material for the face and skin beautifying friend

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