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Benefits of Bananas for Pregnant Women

Benefits of bananas for pregnant women. One of the things that make a woman happy is pregnancy. For some women who are pregnant for the first time sometimes happiness mixed with anxiety awaiting the birth of the baby. Bergai things experienced by pregnant women during pregnancy, ranging from nausea, emotionally less stable, and others.
beenfit of bananas to pregnant woman

For pregnant women who experience morning sick (nausea in the morning) start eating bananas. Bananas can also help keep blood sugar levels  and avoid nausea. Consumption of bananas will also help control emotional conditions. High folic acid content in bananas is very good for brain development of the unborn child of pregnant women. Even in the various countries of the world banana trusted as temperature controllers, in Thailand for example, pregnant women eat bananas so the baby is born not with a high temperature.

As for the women who are experiencing PMS, eating regularly bananas better than taking medication pain killers. B6 which regulates blood glucose levels will help affect mood and mind.

Now, fill the nutrients you and your child by eating a banana. A few articles about the benefits of bananas for Pregnant Women. May be useful to readers.

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