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Benefit of Chili

Chilli is a plant that is a staple of nearly all types of food. Without chili, food seemed bland, but did you know, efficacy and benefits of chili?
benefit of chili

Here are the benefits of chili unknown to most people:

· One chilies have a phytochemical content in the form of carotenoids and flavonoids, which act as antioxidants that are good for counteracting the damaging free radicals in the body cells. Lasparaginase substance and capsaicin in chili can reject the cancer in the body and is very good for maintaining healthy eyes of myopia, cataracts and others.
· Chili able to prevent acne and remove acne, because the content of vitamin C and E peppers can increase blood flow to the skin, thus removing the bacteria on the face.
· Cayenne can reduce cholesterol in greasy foods, as it can burn calories in the body.
· Drug rheumatism, how puree 10gr red peppers, then brewed with half a glass of hot water after which apply on the body experiencing pain.
· For those who experience hair loss, then try the chili as a solution. The trick apply cayenne pepper on the scalp so that it can improve blood circulation. Although cause slight irritation, it can help with better hair growth
· Consuming cayenne pepper can reduce and eliminate the pain in the head like a migraine. Helps reduce pain teeth and gums.
· The chili can help you lose weight, because the content of capsaicin burn fat, then remove it with sweat. In addition cayenne pepper can also decrease appetite, so it can control the food on diet.

Keep in mind for spicy food enthusiast. Excessive consumption of chilies can make your diarrhea, severe irritation of the mouth and throat area, causing liver disorders, and disorders of the colon. Make the appropriate dose of chili in order to obtain all the benefits. This is the last for benefits of chili.

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