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Anemia Disease

We must have been familiar to hear about anemia.Anemia is also called the disease of anemia, because anemia is caused reduced red blood cells and hemoglobin (Hb) in the blood. Hemoglobin is the oxygen-carrying compound of a cell in the blood. Own red blood cells formed in the bone marrow, and for the formation of red blood cells necessary substances from food juices containing vitamin (B12) and minerals (iron).
animea disease

Anemia is caused due to a variety of things, such as bleeding (wound menstruation excessive), hookworms in the body, red blood cell damage caused by transfusion of incompatible blood, as well as a lack in vitamins B12 and iron in the body which results in a lack of blood cell formation red, so it will lead to anemia. Patients with anemia is usually also the harmful effects of the disease, such as kidney failure with anemia, cancer and other diseases associated with blood or that causes red blood cells in the body is reduced. Anemia also causes cardiac performance becomes impaired, while his own heart pumping function as blood, if blood or red blood cells is reduced automatically will also have an impact on the heart.

Symptoms of anemia (anemia)
Anemia is a disease in which lack of blood cells, which will affect the whole body because blood has many functions as a regulator of body temperature, supporting the performance of organs from the brain to the feet. Here are the symptoms of anemia:
· Easy to feel tired, fatigue and lethargy accompanied by dizziness
· Breath becomes short
· Face becomes pale
· Decreased appetite
· Passion or passion to be down
· It is difficult to concentrate
· Often experiencing shortness of breath
· Easy tingling
· Heart palpitations - pulse (fast heart pump blood throughout the body while the hemoglobin itself is reduced, then all the organs will be disturbed, although not too severe disturbances but the impact fatal if left)

If you experience symptoms such as the above, you should immediately perform the examination. In general, women are more at risk of developing anemia is the most influential factor during menstruation women will bleed a lot. If the bleeding is not stable it will have an impact on anemia, and experience symptoms such as the above.

Treatment of Anemia Disease
Anemia is a disease that is not too dangerous but cause detrimental effects to the body, and if left unchecked will have an impact on vital organs of the body can even have an impact on the performance of our brain. Therefore, the need for relief efforts such as eating fruits that many vitamin B12 and iron as contained in fruit guava and watermelon. Need to know also that the companions variety watermelon fruit can also be used to prevent us from infertility. Anemia disease can be prevented by maintaining a diet, do not eat a lot of cucumber, sufficient exercise for the body to be fit, and also must be balanced with adequate rest. While iron can also be obtained from green vegetables either cooked or used fresh vegetables, but should be balanced.

In essence anemia is a blood disorder in which blood pressure is also a factor causing anemia. Anemia in the process of treatment or rehabilitation can not immediately recover but requires a process bit by bit, that is too long will recover and be back to normal state of red blood cells or hemoglobin the body into balance. If those of you who have low blood pressure more directly addressed by consuming mutton, but not too much but just enough. Due to excessive if it will have an impact on high blood pressure which will cause more severe impact.

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