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8 Myths About Diabetes

This disease seems to have been familiar to our ears. A surprising fact was present recently. It turned out in 2014, the number of Indonesian people who suffer from diabetes as many as 9.1 million people, or that most 5th in the world. Such data published by the International Diabetes Federation. Worse yet in the modern era has been paced, many people still believe the myths are wrong about Diabetes. Board Persadia Young (Young Diabetic) Dr.Mohammad Firas, stating that the myths about diabetes disease circulating in the community is wrong, such as the following myths that have been broken by medical science.

be careful with diabetes

1. Diabetes can be cured
Myths above are the most common myths heard in our ears. "Unfortunately, diabetes can not be cured. Until now there is no medicine that cures. So far, drugs can only control and we have to keep the blood sugar, "said Firas agenda when launching the book" Diabetes and Me "some time ago. He also added "The elderly, patients with diabetes will experience a decrease in the function of organs such as the pancreas. So if anyone could find a way to cure diabetes must have been well-known. "

2. People with Diabetes should not be snacking
Snacks that just serves to keep the blood sugar to remain stable. So as to control the diet.

3. Diabetics should stop consuming sugar
In fact, sugar / carbohydrates serve as an energy source, so that we can perform a wide variety of daily activities. And you must remember, the amount of sugar / carbohydrates it still should be limited.

4. Diabetics should not eat fibrous foods
Fiber actually serves to slow the absorption of sugar in the blood. So if we eat fibrous foods can maintain stable blood sugar, and can keep the weight off.

5. Diabetics should only eat 3 times a day
In order to stay awake blood sugar, people with diabetes are advised to eat foods instead of 5 to 6x a day. With 3x portion of main meals and 2 to 3 servings of snack, portions awake.

6. Diabetes derived from family
The fact that there are more than 95% of people with diabetes do not inherit the disease from their parents, or other family members. A good diet and always keep in shape is one of the keys to avoid the disease diabetes.

7. Diabetes lowered crossing
In fact, blood type with the father or mother does not make you affected by diabetes. Diabetes is more due to diet, although family history is also one factor enhancing the risk of this disease.

8. The low sugar levels better than high blood
In fact, the situation is as dangerous to us.

So, that is some myths about diabetes. I hope you can get positif side from this article. see u

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