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3 Food Causes Obesity

Obesity is a disorder of abnormal weight gain caused by an unhealthy diet, genetic factors, consumption of drugs as well as other causes.Here are foods that should be avoided to prevent obesity  others:

1. Foods Too Sweet
The food is too sweet to be an impact on obesity. Why is that? Because sweet foods will make us addicted to consume other foods so that you too full, this will obviously lead to laziness in the activity as well as your body will rapidly gain weight. On the other hand too sugary foods can also lead to diabetes mellitus (diabetes). 

2. Fast Food (Fast food) and fried
Obesity is generally triggered by fat. While the fat itself, if not controlled will lead to obesity.Both fast food / fris food will make bad effect for our body.. It would be nice if we avoid it and replace it with vegetables or other side dishes.

3. Water Ice
Why is water ice? Basically the water ice that most influence on obesity because in the body are fat or fat pad when we consume water, the ice will be more fat pad resulting clot becomes distended stomach can even lead to obesity. It would be nice if we avoid it and replace it with water alone which can help us in minimizing the impact of excessive dehydration.

That some foods or drinks that should be avoided in order not to lead to obesity. A few of my article about. hopefully a few words could be useful.
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