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10 Benefits Of Dates

Natural and Alternative Medicine - Dates are rich in nutrients and nutritious fruit that comes from the middle east, for you may not be strange to hear the name of the fruit. Usually the palm fruit is consumed directly. In addition to direct edible fruit palm fruit can also be processed into juice (see recipe making palm juice) or other processed foods. Palm fruit that has a sweet taste it contains nutrients that are beneficial for the body. Even the efficacy of a date has proven to cope with various types of health problems. Palm fruit contains iron which is useful to prevent diseases anemia, while calcium from the fruit of palm serves to ensure the growth of bones and teeth can run up.
Dates Fruit
Dates Fruit

Benefits Dates

With the nutritional content of the palm fruit is beneficial to health and medicine, among others:

1. It can solve the problem of insomnia
2. Treating coughs naturally
3. Eliminate itching of the throat
4. Treating sick colon
5. Blood circulation in the body
6. Feeding the brain to strengthen memory
7. Accelerate the growth of children
8. Reduce spending of white blood cells
9. Strengthen the immune system
10. Controlling hypertension

Benefits of Dates
Benefits of Dates
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