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Ischialgia disease (Pinched Nerve)

You must still unfamiliar with the Ischialgia disease? Ischialgia diseases (sciatica) or pinched nerve disease is a condition in which nerve which is a nerve area Ischiadikus butt to foot wedged, in that case the pinched nerve is Ischiadikus the right side or the left. This disease attacks the majority of men, but women can also be affected ischialgia diseases with specific causes which we will discuss later. Ischialgia disease can affect anyone, the most common is men aged 20-40 years. Ischialgia disease for people who are elderly have an impact similar to osteoporosis. Ischialgia disease attacks the nerve so that the nerve organ organ section backbone. Ischialgia disease need to watch out for bad impact on our backs and can increase the risk of paralytic disease.
Ischialgia Sciatica Disease
Sciatica Disease
Disease Symptoms Ischialgia
Symptoms of the disease Ischialgia of pain in the lower body is like a pain in the butt area, pain in the lower back, lower back stiffness, pain radiating or like the taste shock from the buttocks, thigh, calf and even until kekaki. The pain caused by the disease ischialgia should not be allowed because it can have a negative impact on the state of the lower body even if it has begun to chronic for healing method can be performed surgery as well as for the operation itself is not necessarily able to recover completely and be aware there are many operations that failed and may impact on mortality, other diseases arise and arise from the same disease as a result of operating errors or less sterile surgical instrument or indeed even the effects of the operation. Therefore ischialgia disease should not be underestimated.
Causes of Disease Ischialgia
Ischialgia diseases are the most common attack on men because ischialgia own due clamping clamping nerve while the nerve itself is generally caused by wearing tight pants and keep the wallet in the back pocket of trousers as well as the lack of proper sitting position. It was very clear clamping can cause nerve that usually causes pain and stiffness both buttocks and the lower part of the body. Other causes are such as inflammation of the muscles / contraction of the muscles of the buttocks area, perkapuran the spine as well as the circumstances referred herniation nucleus pulposus (HNP).

Treatment of  Disease Ischialgia
For Ischialgia patients should not consume drugs with chemicals as chemical drugs will have an impact on the incidence of other diseases and that generally happens is the amount of toxins that can not be neutralized by the liver and kidneys that can berdampakpada imbalance organs. Ischialgia treatment is as follows:
1. Rehabilitation trapped nerve with physical therapy on the lower body
2. Exercise regularly, but if it feels quite tired and the rest should be continued another time
3. Operation discectomy performed for patients who have chronic very disturbed in performing daily activities
4. Always keep clean. Although it is actually not very influential, but maintaining cleanliness should always be done to avoid the environment from various diseases.

Tips to avoid the Ischialgia disease:
1. Avoid lifting items that are too heavy
2. Avoid storing Pocket wallet behind with a rather tight trousers
3. When sweeping / mopping use the handle of a broom or mop the floor rather long so as not to rely too heavily on his back
4. Do not be too long bow, 
5. Perform regular exercise especially back exercise in order to keep your back strong

Ischialgia disease can interfere with us in moving and doing the activities, but do not worry, always train back to regular exercise, maintain a diet and adequate rest are easy steps to avoid illness ischialgia. A few of my articles may be useful.

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