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Factors Causing the Hard Body Fat

Each individual would want that ideal body, many people that are willing to do a variety of ways in order to achieve a desired body shape, including me. So this time I will share information about the cause of the hard body fat.

Hard to be Fat ?

1. Heredity Factors
Heredity became a major factor that can affect body weight. If in your family more lean hard then maybe you fat because of this factor.

2. Metabolism Disorders
People who work underweight has a fast metabolism, so just how much he would eat quickly burned into energy. If there is a disruption in the body's metabolism, you should consult your doctor.

3. There is a poison in the body
The presence of toxins that sticks in the gut makes imperfect process of nutrient absorption, nutrients and vitamins from food. If food is not absorbed well of growth of the body to be disturbed. Usually toxins in the gut comes from fast food, so be careful if you include a fan of fast food.

4. Malnutrition Nutrition
Less nutrient intake and nutritional influence on body weight. Make sure the food consumed has good nutritional value. Try to eat foods that are high protein, carbohydrates, and high in fiber. Such as meat, fish, egg whites, avocado, milk and others.

5. Rarely Activity
Usually people who are lazy activity makes the body become thin or fat. This is because the muscles of the body never do activities, so that the body vulnerable to disease and eventually affects body weight.

6. Stay up too much 
Usually staying up too much effect on weight loss, because the enzymes in the body can not work properly. And this will trigger the weight to be thin.

7. Alcohol Consumption
Drinking too much alcohol can cause the body to be thin, because alcohol makes the stomach becomes filled with gas so that it can affect appetite.

Most people lose their appetite and lazy to eat when the body is stressed or too many thoughts. If not balanced with diet and adequate rest of it is becoming one of the factors causing the hard-fat.

9. Less Water
Drinking water is very important for the body, because some constituent of the human body is water molecules. Lack of water can interfere with digestion, if digestion is disrupted absorption of nutrients from food, too distracted.

If you want to have an ideal body, lets eating a healthy diet. adequate rest and do not forget to exercise. So, that several causes why my body hard to be fat. May be useful for readers.

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