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Celery For Our Healthy

Do you have celery in your home? Its good, because it is not only good as ingredients of food, but also it can be useful to our health. 

Celery for health benefits as herbal medicine / traditional natural to have remarkable properties to address a variety of health problems. Celery Apium graveolens has a Latin name. Celery, also known as leaf soup because it is commonly used as a spice in food or dishes like soup, stew, meatballs and other foods, because the rich aroma and appetizing. But can also be used as traditional medicine Natural able to overcome various diseases both mild illness to a chronic disease and can also as a beauty care. 

Benefit of celery

Nutrition of Celery
The content of vitamins in celery leaves very much and help you with problems with various diseases. The content of vitamin celery leaves in the form of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, vitamin C, vitamin E and vitamin K, each of which has a different role in treating the disease.

Benefits of Celery
Many people who do not know about the benefits of celery as tradisionalmempunyai drug benefit that is not in doubt. Here are the efficacy and benefits of celery:

1. Lowering Cholesterol
How: 30 grams of celery root Wash thoroughly, then boiled in 2 cups water until the remaining 1 cup. Once cool, strain. Water was drunk at once.

2. Overcoming Allergies
How: Take 2 stalks celery, 3 carrots medium size, and 1 medium-size bulbs bits, washed, then juiced. The juice drink on an empty stomach at the same time. Do it twice a day.

3. Treat Rheumatism
Rheumatism is the main factor causing paralysis. Therefore forbid rheumatism. By consuming celery leaves as fresh vegetables, then rheumatism will not have an impact on us and that has been exposed to be cured rheumatism.

4. Lowering High Blood Pressure
Lowering high blood pressure can be done by making a concoction of celery. The way to prepare about 100 grams along with the leaves, stems and roots then wash thoroughly then mash until smooth. Add enough water and drink 2 times a day.

5. Treating Bronchitis
How: Wash fresh celery 60 grams, 10 grams of dried mandarin orange peel, and 25 grams of brown sugar until clean. After being cut into pieces, put in a saucepan email, add 3 cups water and boil until the remaining half. Once cool, strain and the water was divided to two drinks, morning and afternoon.

Celery leaves or leaf soup is a leaf that many benefits. Not only cure diseases above but useful as well as beauty treatments such as preventing aging early age, natural mask for the face by consuming as fresh vegetables. It can also be a hair growth drug.

6. Hair Fertilize
How: Wash the celery stalk 7-10 thoroughly, then mash until smooth. Once washed, celery leaves collision rub into the scalp and hair evenly with a mild massage. When finished, wrap your hair with a towel for approximately 1 hour. Rinse the hair with clean water. Do it once a week.

So, the small thing contains big benefit. Celery can be one of the natural treatment to our disease.

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