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Benefits of Apples

Can anyone who has never eaten an apple? Fruit is delicious and widely consumed in World also has many vitamins are contained to prevent some diseases. Many people consume apples but few of them know the benefits of this fruit. For this we make article about the benefits of apples that our knowledge of the benefits of fruit, especially apples.
Benefits of Apples

Apples have compounds that are good for the elements of our body. Some of the benefits of apples to health, among others;
 1. Lowering cholesterol and maintain a healthy heart
An anti-oxidants in apples may reduce the bad cholesterol in our body little by little, so that if we regularly consume apples then insyallah bad cholesterol in our body also will disappear little by little.
2. Prevented or anemia
Apples contain iron that amount is not sedikt. As we know that iron helps form red blood cells, which can help prevent anemia, because the levels of hemoglobin in the blood to rise
3. Helps healthy digestion
The content of fiber contained in apples can also help our bodies healthy digestion, fiber substances contained in apples is useful for keeping the metabolism and digestive balance.
4. Overcoming Diabetes
The benefits of apples are not only found in meat, but also there is the fruit skin. Glimetic compounds in the skin of apples can reduce blood sugar in our body, so it is good if consumed for diabetics.
5. Preventing osteoporosis (brittle bone disease)
Research has shown that people who frequently consume apples regularly every day the chances of developing osteoporosis less than that is not consumed. Apple also proved capable of supplying calcium in the body.
6. Maintain healthy skin
Benefits of apples also contain some vitamins are able to maintain skin health, such as vitamins A, B, C, E and some minerals that are good for skin rejuvenation, especially girls who fear their skin so dull.

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