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Efficacy of Gotu Kola Leaves as an Herbal Medicine Various Diseases

Efficacy of Gotu Kola Leaves as an Herbal Medicine Various Diseases. Gotu kola plants are one of the plants belonging to the family Umbelliferae. Gotu kola leaves have a sweet nature and is also cool. Pharmacological effect of the crop: Gotu kola Anti toxic, Anti infection, urine, and Set Down the heat. Based on the pharmacological effects of its own, it is not surprising that plants often serve as Gotu kola traditional medicine to address a variety of health disorders. Then how to cultivate plants Gotu kola? And what are the health problems that can be addressed by traditional medicine Gotu kola processed?
Efficacy of Gotu Kola Leaves as an Herbal Medicine Various Diseases
Gotu Kola Leaf
The plant, which has the scientific name of Centella Asiatica (Linn) has many compounds that are good for the health of our body. These compounds include: Asiaticoside, Isothakuniside, Thankuniside, Brahmoside, Madecassoside, Brahmic Acid, Brahminoside, Meso-inositol, Madasiatic Acid, Centellose, Carotenoids, potassium, Sodium, Samak Substances, Vellarine, Magnesium, iron, and Calcium!

Many of the above compounds, plants Gotu kola could have the ability to serve as a traditional medicine. Medicinal plant Walk this horse is able to overcome the wide range of health disorders, which are as below.

1. Treating swelling of the liver
Prepare a 240-600 grams Gotu kola are still fresh. Then stew to a boil. Once cool, drink the water stew on a regular basis.

2. Treating Hypertension (high blood)
Take 20 sheets leaves Gotu kola, then boiled with water as much as 3 cups. After watering left living ¾ part, drinking water 3 x a day, respectively ¾ Cup only.

3. Treat fever
Gotu kola leaves a handful of mashed fresh until smooth. Add a little water and salt, and then filter. Drink water in the morning before eating.

4. Treat the disease Leprosy
¾ Prepare a handheld Gotu kola, then wash clean. Then boil with 3 glasses of water, until the remaining ¾ of his. After that strain, and wait for it to cool. Drinking water 3 x a day, the herb respectively ¾ Cup.

5. Treat hemorrhoids
Take 4-5 stalks Gotu kola along with its roots, and then boiled with 2 glasses of water for approximately 5 minutes. Drink water regularly, the concoction for a few days.

6. Treat Difficult Urination
Mashed 30 grams of fresh Gotu kola until smooth. Paste the results of the collision around the belly button.

7. Treat boils
The first way: take 30-60 grams Gotu kola is still fresh, and then wash it until clean. Then boil, and after a drink of water to boil the stew.

The second way: Wash fresh gotu kola, then mash until smooth. Paste the results of the collision to the part of the body that hurts.

8. Increase Appetite
Boil a handful of fresh Gotu kola leaves with 2 glasses of water, until the remaining 1 cups. Drinking the decoction of water 1 cup a day.

9. Treat coughs, nosebleeds, Blood and Vomit Blood
Take 60-90 grams of fresh kola. Boil all water and then drunk.

10. Treat dry cough
A handful of mashed fresh Gotu kola until smooth. Then squeeze the water. After that, add the water and rock sugar to taste. Drinking water the herb at a time.

11. Eye drops (red, swollen Eyes)
Wash fresh gotu kola, then mash until smooth. After that, squeeze and strain the water. Squirt the herb to the eyes of a sick 3-4 x a day.

In addition to the benefits listed above, the following can also be processed Gotu kola you make.
Refined Tea leaves Gotu kola very beneficial to increase appetite, treat dry coughs, nosebleeds, lower the heat, refreshing the body, are soothing, and can even pull out the worms that exist in our stomachs!

Next Vegetables from Gotu kola. Processed this one very nutritious to multiply the bile, which can improve digestive disorder that is in us. In addition, processed vegetables, Gotu kola can also clean our blood, primarily on the boils, and also an ulcer bleed.

To be able to get relief or maximum results, then the routine consumes traditional prescription drugs is in conformity with the instructions of herbal experts. The article about the Efficacy of Gotu Kola Leaves as an Herbal Medicine Various Diseases. hopefully can be a reference for you.
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