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Benefits of Clove for Your Health

Efficacy And Benefits Of Clove. Cloves are native plants from Indonesia that is usually used as a flavor enhancer in natural food and traditional medicine, clove is also widely used as a treatment of various diseases. Did you know that many countries make use of cloves as the spicy seasoning and Spice smoking as the main ingredients. According to the WHO, clove including medicinal plants are the most widely used in the world (in the form of balsam, clove oil, etc.)
Useful Benefits of Clove
The content of compounds in clove essential oil, among others, oleanolat acid, eugenin acid galatanat and vanillin. That can be helpful for a lot of healing illnesses that are safe to use because it is a traditional medicine from nature.
Useful Benefits of Clove Traditional Herbal Nature Medicine
Dried Cloves
With compounds in the clove and clove have the efficacy and excellent benefits to health, especially for treating the disease, here are some benefits of cloves to treat a variety of diseases:

1. Diseases Cholera,
To treat the materials needed are already dried clove flower, then chewed and smoked water. The way to do it every day because it can speed up the heart rate for which his heart weakening.

2. Diseases of Measles
To treat measles by taking 10 clove seeds and sugar cubes. The trick is to soak the clove for one night with water that is ripe and then coupled with rock sugar, and stirred until blended and drinking water attenuation it little by little. This activity can be carried out at regular intervals.

3. Treating toothache
Generally, toothache is caused because of the germs that cause cavities and it usually causes a toothache. Clove may treat a toothache, the way is about 5 to 10 flowers cloves mashed until smooth, then after that sprinkle the perforated teeth to part them.

4. Treating respiratory infections
The way is made clove tea and served with warm water, why is this so? Because respiratory infections caused due to the presence of mucus in the throat and the esophagus, thus according to Professor Neil Schachter of Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York say that clove works as an expectorant that can dilute the mucus present in the esophagus and throat.

5. Fix blemishes and prevents the onset of acne
Cloves have Euganol compounds, Euganol compounds, which are known as a natural antiseptic to balance the skin. So from that clove can remove stains and prevent acne scars appear again.

Actually, there are still many benefits of clove, clove leaves or clove seeds which can be used as a reliever bad breath, menstrual pain in women, malaria fever, coughs can even be used as a medication herpes on the skin.

The article about the Usefulness and benefits of clove as herbal remedies or natural medicine. May be useful.

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