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Tumor Disease: Causes, Symtoms, Types and Treatment

Tumor Diseases. The discussion in this article includes the understanding of causes tumors, tumor diseases, types of tumors, and disease symptoms of the tumor. The tumor is a disease that can be classified as a disease that is dangerous, even very dangerous, are generally people who have contracted the disease in which tumors long enough could not survive. Tumor cell network in General is wild in the form of a lump or swelling in the body is not normal or specifically defined lumps caused by neoplasm. Tumor diseases themselves are also referred to as a neoplasm. That means that a lot of tumors and cancer are the same and there is also a different but similar symptoms are assumed, i.e. the same bumps. For example, brain tumor and breast tumors people often assume the same and does the same disease symptoms and therefore we think the same and the difference is just the opinions of the community.
Tumor Disease Causes, Symtoms, Types and Treatment
Tumor Disease
Disease-Causing Tumors

The cause of the tumor is a tumor classified then the neoplasm neoplasm tumor, but also classified as non-neoplasm tumors such as pneumonia, hypertrophy and cysts. According to the biological nature of the tumor or neoplasm divided into two benign tumors and malignant tumors.

Benign tumors are slow growing and usually capsule shaped so easily distinguished from surrounding tissues due to unbounded firmly. Enlargement of the tumor will hit the neighboring tissues and can cause obstruction or atrophy. This can be fatal if it occurs on the important parts of the body, such as brain tumors/diseases led to the neoplasm in the brain. But definitely still confused as to why different companions as well as between the tumor and cancer? The explanation that comes from a benign tumor, benign tumors can be called the seeds of malignant tumor due to benign tumors if not dealt with followed up medically or assisted with both traditional medicines as well as chemical-based. Benign tumors that will grow and continue to grow until it becomes malignant tumor and a malignant tumor is called cancer. Benign tumors are not actually too dangerous because it does not creep into other body tissues, he just hit with its existing network, but its development is noteworthy and should have been prevented early on due to its growth can be cancerous or malignant tumor and in General if someone already getting cancer or malignant tumors can be fateful.

Types and Symptoms of Tumors Disease

Sometimes these kinds of tumor diseases are named according to the origin of the networks that covered the seeds of tumors, for example:
·           Fibroma is derived from fibrous connective tissue
·           Khondroma derives from cartilage tissue
·           Adenoma is derived from glandular tissue.

If a tumor has a form like an embryo, it is called as balstoma. Tumor tissues have different embryonic layer, if it consists of 2 layers of the embryo it is called karsinosarkooma, while consisting of three layers of embryonic tissue that is called teratomas. There are a wide variety of tumor diseases that attack various body organs are very important, along with the following symptoms:

1. Diseases of the Brain Tumor
A brain tumor is a tumor most dangerous disease and can attack since his teenage years, even the kids can probably stricken with and still be seeded. A lot of people who have died due to a brain tumor, brain tumor if it has already begun to dilate, usually a person suffering from the disease will often dizziness that suddenly, these symptoms can be categorized as a malignant tumor on the brain or brain cancer. Symptoms of a brain tumor in general, i.e., headache suddenly and does not usually affect them, epilepsy is a sudden and previously had not been endured or seizures, personality changes are quite strange and sometimes difficult to perform movements with the correct position. These symptoms are caused because the brain has basically a special space and not broad enough in the tumor growing and then the brain will shift and shift is what will cause tremendous pain effect.

2. Diseases of the breast tumors
Breast tumor is a tumor that attacks on women where there is a strange lump in the breast and attack the breast tissues as milk gland tissue maker network breast milk), milk ducts (milk glands), as well as the supporting tissues of the breast. Cancer or breast tumors turned out to be also attacked the men, but not too much is known, but women can be stricken for women aged 40 years and above but should be careful, because for ages which still teenagers could be affected by breast cancer. The symptoms of different forms with a special section in bust found lump will feel hard and need to do surgery if it has been formed, we suggest that if there is something a bit different with breast examination immediately before attacking other networks and perform a treatment with traditional medicines that are safer.

3. Diseases of Uterine Tumors or cancer of the uterus
Cancer of the uterus occurs only in women, teens and above or have entered the age of productive. Symptoms of a tumor of the uterus in women are characterized by the presence of sudden bleeding or menstrual bleeding at the time of unusual or too much, while the other that is as symptoms of abnormal fluid discharge from the vagina, often experience pain at the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the stomach feels depressed, the presence of a hard lump in the abdomen down. Tumors of the uterus is the most dreaded diseases and most heavily attacked, if cured with the help of surgery but usually women experiencing infertility. Therefore take heed.

In fact many types of cancer or tumor, but I look forward to hopefully some explanations above can open our insight about the malignant. Another one, preferably using tumor healing methods of traditional natural medicine from nature because it is more secure, although recovering little by little, but if it needs to be done, then it should do because the tumors most likely suffered have been developing.

The article about The Tumor or Cancer Disease, which is very harmful to human health. May be useful.

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