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Liver Disease

Through this article I will discuss about the Dangers of Liver Disease include heart understanding invading what is liver disease, liver disease causes, characteristics or signs of liver disease as well as how to prevent liver disease. Before we discuss about liver disease, we have to know in advance what is a heart? The liver is one of the organs in the body that we have a very important role and a variety of functions such as storage of mineral substances (such as iron, potassium and copper), as the place of formation of blood plasma and blood freeze to burn sugar, combining cholesterol and as storage of reserves of water. Liver function is important, on the other hand the liver also functions as a modifier of fat into fatty acids. As well as toxic substances that enter the body from the outside as well as inside of the body thrown into the common bile and liver organ to the intestine. Thus, when the liver is not working to its full potential then it would occur to an inefficient provision in the body which is usually referred to as liver disease.
Symptoms Causes Signs Liver Disease
Liver Disease 
Liver disease or liver is a disease caused by the hepatitis A virus, hepatitis B, hepatitis non A and non B hepatitis as well as consumption of foods that contain substances such as antibiotics, paracetamol and food-fast very dominant liver disease or trigger inflammation of the liver. Therefore, to avoid the foods that contain lots of chemical substances.

Signs of Liver Disease
The signs of liver disease are as follows:
·           Fast tired, fatigued and lethargic
·           Loss of appetite
·           Nausea, vomiting and diarrhea is accompanied
·           Changes in the color of the skin and eyeballs a yellowish colored even yellow
·           Pain in the right side of the abdomen
·           Brown or brownish discoloration like tea water on water color art
·           It is sometimes accompanied by pain in the joints

Causes of Liver Disease
As for the causes of liver disease or inflammation of the liver that is as follows:
·           The pattern of life or an irregular daily activities like sports overload without balanced with a balanced diet, regular and healthy.
·           A drink containing alcohol, smoking habit, fast food, fizzy drinks, foods with preservative substances
·           Consume a lot of medicines that contain a chemical overload
·           Consume food and drink unhygienic
·           An environment that isn't clean
·           Depression and stress

Liver Disease Prevention
How to combat or prevent liver disease that is as follows:
·           Always exercise regularly, avoid yourself from eating fast food and fatty foods as well as to avoid eating balanced meals healthy.
·           Always keep the environmental condition in order to always stay clean and avoid various diseases, especially diseases of the liver.
·           Habit does not consume drugs out of materials that contain chemical substances as well as giving priority to consume traditional medicines from nature, such as utilizing  wild ginger, turmeric, buabok, and green chiretta.
·           Avoid yourself from excessive emotions, nature often brooding alone because these factors can trigger stress or depression, while stress or depression is the cause of the liver disease or liver inflammation.
·           Habit to consume drink mineral water, at least 1.5 liter to 2 liters daily.
·           Enough rest
·           Checked themselves early on to the doctor and if experiencing disturbances, especially in the liver then you can take advantage of traditional remedies or if necessary surgery for the treatment of liver.

Companions of the faithful, we already discussed about liver disease or liver inflammation. Liver disease if left will be very agonizing our body because our hearts are organs of excretion are very instrumental in neutralizing toxins the body so if we allow the liver or liver inflammation without treatment this illness could have been eating cause death. While in General if someone has suffered liver disease will consume chemical-based medicine while on the other hand, many traditional medicines and easily obtainable from the natural surroundings.

The article about the Liver disease, causes and ways of Prevention. May be useful.

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