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Benefits Of Basil Leaves

Greetings natural companions healthy, efficacy and Benefits Of Basil Leaves for health body is already no doubt. Scented plants typical of this fragrance has the Latin name Ocimum basilicum. In addition to using as seasoning Cook, basil leaves are also very familiar because it is often used as vegetables to increase appetite in various dishes such as fried chicken, grilled chicken, fried fish, grilled fish, and a few other foods in restaurants.

The Nutritional Content Of Basil Leaves
Basil leaves contain nutritional components and components of non nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Nutritional components of basil leaves, among others, provitamin A (betakaroten), collagen, vitamin C, minerals (such as calcium, phosphorus and magnesium). Whereas the non-nutritional components of basil leaves, among other compounds, flavonoids, eugenol, arginine, Anatolia, boron, and essential oils.
Benefits of basil leaves for health
With the content of nutrients contained in the basil leaves giving he has great benefits for the health of the body. Here are some of the benefits and the benefits of basil leaves for health;

Anti inflammatory
As inflammatory agents, Basil is effective in healing swelling, relieve inflammation of the joints, and can prevent osteoporosis due to the womb of calcium present in the basil leaves. Basil leaves contain eugenol, cineole and myrcene that acts as a natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory in the body.

Delay menopause
Routine ingestion of basil leaves is believed capable of postponing the menopause. This is because basil leaves contain a substance tripofan which one is effective in delaying menopause.

Prevent a cough
Basil leaves can be consumed directly as fresh vegetables, cooking or seasoning used to serve drinks tea. To prevent your cough Basil tea time consuming solid turn of the season because usually that time is generally a lot of people had coughs and colds.

Relieve fever and cold
Not only adults, fever and cold toddler turns can also be assuaged by the herb basil leaves. It's easy, take the basil leaves to onion mashed together and coconut oil. After that, apply on the back, stomach and chest toddler.

Healthy eyes
As already mentioned above that contains provitamin A Basil leaf, nutrition is efficacious for treating eye infections, relieve stress, and eyes that prevent some other eye disorders.

Coping with bad breath
It turns out, in addition to the aroma of fragrant basil leaves, basil leaves can consume the refreshing and coping with bad breath.

Coping With Vaginal Discharge
Basil leaves contain the compound eugenol is able to kill the fungus causes of vaginal discharge. If you are experiencing vaginal discharge, consume basil leaves as vegetables could be one of the alternatives for overcoming it.

Stimulating The Egg
The content of stigmaasterol substances in the basil leaves can help the process of maturation of the ovum (ovulation).

Launch An ASI
To launch the BREAST MILK, you can consume the basil leaves as vegetables.

Maintain heart health
Betakaroten and magnesium found in basil leaves is an important mineral that serves to maintain and preserve the health of the heart.

Coping With Stroke
Content of isoflavones on basil leaves is believed to be able to improve the function of blood vessel artery in stroke patients.

Other benefits
In addition to the above benefits, a few basil leaves relieve also potent stress, coping with kidney stones and prevent diabetes.

The article about the usefulness and benefits of basil leaves for health. May be useful for all.

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