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Benefits of Coconut

Hello everybody, today I’ll tell you about Benefits of Coconut and a few recipes from The Coconut plant for our health. Coconut (coccos nucifera) except applied for frying oil, it also has many benefits to our health. Many kinds of disease can be cured with this fruit. Either young coconut and old coconut can be done as natural medicine, even it leaves also have benefits as natural medicine. Below are method and recipe to proceed the Coconut to beat and cure your health problem.
Benefits of Coconut
1.     Cure the Dengue Fever
-        What do you need: 1 grain of green and young Coconut, Squeezed out of Lemon water.
-         How to make it:
a.         Get the Coconut water.
b.         Mixed it with the Squeezed Lemon water.
c.         Drink it regularly.

2.    Cure the Urinary Stones
-        What do you need: 1 grain of green Coconut, 1 grain of chicken eggs.
-         How to make it:
a.       Perforate the summit of Coconut fruit.
b.      Add all of the eggs into the fruit.
c.       Drink it 2 times a day.

3.    Cure the Dental cavities
-        What do you need: Enough of Coconut Shell.
-        How to make it:
a.       Hit the Coconut Shell by fire.
b.      Get the oil where it’s on the border of the Coconut Shell with cotton.
c.       After that, rolled the cotton, according to the tooth holes.
d.      Next, apply it into your tooth holes.

4.      Decrease the Gray Hairs
-        What do you need: 1 grain of Coconut, enough of kitchen salt.
-        How to make it:
a.       Splitting up the Coconut water into the bowl.
b.      Scratch the Coconut, and then squeeze it with the Coconut water.
c.       Add the kitchen salt into the Coconut milk, stir equally.
d.      Blurred it for a night outside the home.
e.       Apply a half from this potion for massage your head, rest it for 15 minutes.
f.       And apply another one as shampoo, do this activity 3 times a day, and regularly.
Benefits of Coconut
Young Coconut
That all of “Benefits of Coconut” article, I hope you’ll get benefits after you read this article. Keep spirit, and Keep healthy

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