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Maximize your beauty with a healthy white teeth shining

Maximize your beauty with a healthy white teeth shining. Dental care is not very easy in our daily lives. We have to keep our eating and drinking, so that our teeth always clean and shine. Everyone must have longed to have white teeth, healthy and strong. Teeth are the most valuable members of our body very appeal in everyday life, when our teeth yellow and black porous will worsen power display that makes us shy and not confident. Teeth don't only play a role in helping to maintain the health of the overall body through the digestion process. Teeth is also plays an important role in supporting the person's appearance. Not surprisingly, people beautify their teeth in every way, as if the teeth crooked teeth trimmed with braces that look more beautiful smile, and if yellow teeth, they also desperately to whiten teeth with whitening drug or the other. Some are even willing to grow diamond on their teeth. For what? For the sake of a charming smile.

Dental Care
Dental Care

At this time, I will share about How To keep your dental health

1.      Brushing least 2 times a day.
Brushing teeth is so absolute as well as the good done at least 2 times a day. Brushing your teeth can remove plaque and bacteria are attached and can stain your teeth.

2. Flossing.
Some people are worried to using the dental floss because of fear. However, if done carefully, flossing can help protect the health of your teeth and avoid the onset of stains on the teeth.

3.   Use a straw when drinking.
Wearing a straw can avoid your teeth be stained. Because with straws, colored drinks can be ingested without touching the sides inside the tooth.

4.   Replace toothbrush every 2 months.
This routine is very essential to protect the natural luster of teeth. After be used a long time, bristle toothbrush so loud, This could result in damage to the e - mail composition of teeth and lead to stained teeth.

5.   Avoid coffee and eating excessive sugar.
Coffee and sugar can cause yellow stains on your teeth, by the due it, stay away from excessive consumption of coffee and sugar too. Both are not just bad for health, but are also for your teeth sparkle.

6.   Give the distance of the toilet with your tooth rush at least 5 meters.
Although sounds strange, it is highly recommended to avoid the air particles resulting from the flush or flush system, this activity can protect your tooth healthy and prevent the tooth decay.

7.   Keep your calcium intake.
Consumption of adequate calcium can help strengthen and protect the tooth structure.

8.   Visit the dentist regularly.
Should be to pay a visit to the dentist if you want to have healthy teeth, people who do not put the control to the dentist to have your teeth situation worse compared with those of controls with regular

9.   Using the mint toothpaste
Toothpaste with mint in her womb can already proven teeth whitening help. Although not instant, but is showing positive results.

10. If necessary, use an electric toothbrush.
With a manual toothbrush, people usually brushing too hard. This could lead to erosion of the gums and tooth can increase wear. Wearing an electric toothbrush can help you to avoid this problem and can be proved its usefulness in keeping tooth white.

11. Watch your metabolism.
Improper metabolism can result in change color of the teeth. This change can be done repair routine of eating, exercising regularly, and avoid excessive stress.

12. Find a stain on the family history.
Some people who have stains on teeth reasoned that the matter be obtained due to the descent in the family. Therefor, absolute for a visit to the dentist to keep track of what causes blemishes and healing that fit your teeth .

Varied Food That's Good For Your Teeth

1. Strawberry.
The content of malice acid in strawberries contained useful to change the color of tooth become whiter.

2. Fruits and vegetables are crispy.
Fruits and vegetables are crisp can lift stains and cleans tooth optimally without causing damage to teeth enamel. Eat fruits and vegetables after you eat.

3. Cheese.
Cheese and other dairy product like yogurt contains calcium that can make white tooth and strengthen teeth.

4. Lemon Peel.
You can also use lemon peel for brighten the color of teeth. The way, lemon peel and separate the skin. Rub lemon peel on the teeth thoroughly for five minutes, then brush your teeth thoroughly with toothpaste .

Probably quite up here first article on dental care to keep healthy, clean and white, may be useful for all readers. I will soon post if there is additional information about Maximize your beauty with a healthy white teeth shining. Thank you..

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