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Stroke Can Cause to Mental Disability

What is a stroke? What is causing of stroke? What will stroke be causing to deadness? Okay, I will tell you about stroke now. Stroke is the one disease which ways of catching is suddenly. Stroke is caused by the trouble in the venous stream of the brain. Something matter which can be caused to the trouble in the venous stream of the brain, such as: the forming of corking in venous stream (stroke iskemik) and also breaking of the venous stream (hemorrhage stroke) and that matters can make stop the streaming blood to brain and it will be caused to a deadness in brain network.  
Stroke disease
Stroke Disease
Stroke is able to cause a symptom such as:
a.     Forgetting’s suddenly
b.    Blind the one eye
c.     Confused
d.    Speaking is ill defined suddenly
e.     Into trouble when swallowing
f.     Trouble balance’s suddenly

Stroke is a disease which able to be caused to deadness if it has suffered a long time. But someone can be refraining from stroke if they are realizing and overcoming factor of stroke early on. And you have to remember that stroke patient is not just experiencing of bodily weakness, but it also can make trouble on cognate function of body with suddenly. Such as:

a.  Difficult to walk and losing a body balance suddenly
b.  Insensible, weakness on a face, hand and foot suddenly, in the one side or all of body.
c.  Muzziness, oblivion, difficult to talk and to understand suddenly
d.  Emerging a problem on eyesight suddenly, one eye or both (double eyesight or blinding eyesight)
e.  Heavy confused without a reason and fall suddenly

The reason of stroke is an actually a lot of but among other of that’s can be modified and can’t be, Can be modified such as: obesitas, diabetes, smoking, alcohol, hyperlipidemia, hypertension disease is not controlled with medicines.

Can’t be modified such as: they have a troubled history in venous, fibrillation atrium, trouble on blood coagulation, they have ever been stroked, stenosis artery karotis, have a anemia cell mow, over on wearing a medicines of blood coagulation, high blood chronic disease.

Current time is so concern with stroke in young generation which is caused by level stress and daily activity, especially when they consumed fast food and rarely to do an athletic. But it can be healed. Because stroke is a final result from risk factor’s process. So on healing, we should do to keep, preventing and overcoming risk factors. Such as:
1.    Repairing condition of hyperlipidemia, decrease a fast food and be a vegetarian and fruitarian, and increase your body fit is like a physical activity.
2.         Decrease your smoking activity.
3.         Stop to consume alcohol.
4.        If you have a problem with your weight, you should have to diet so that you have an ideal body and that’s can decrease a risk of stroke.
5.         If you have a problem with diabetes, you should have to heal those with consume a medicine consecutively and eat a food which it doesn’t cause to diabetes.
6.         Preventing your stress condition

Another alternative to heal a stroke you can try to heal this disease with mangosteen skin. That’s all article about Stroke Can Cause to Mental Disability, keep healthy and always spirit.

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