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Amazing Benefits of Chikoo Fruit (Sapodilla)

Benefits of Chikoo Fruit. The chikoo (Sapodilla) plant come from Guatemala, Mexico, and West Hindia. This plant can be found in South East Asia because the Spanish trader and adventurer brought it into Phillipines. From The Phillipines, this plant scattered into another South East Asia country. This plant is easy planted and doesn’t need special treatment. The plant which has a long duration of life is very strong and sturdy. Its height can reach 30-40 meters.

Except it has the sweet taste, from 100 grams of the chikoo (Sapodilla) fruit contains:

1.         Energy (92 col)
2.         Protein (0,5 grams)
3.         Fat (1,1 grams)
4.         Carbohydrate (22,4 grams)
5.         Calcium (25 mg)
6.         Phosphorus (12 mg)
7.         Iron (1 mg)
8.         Vitamin A (60 UI)
9.         Vitamin B (0,01 mg)
10.       Vitamin C (21 mg)

Benefits Chikoo Fruit / Sapodilla
Chikoo Fruit

Based from it’s a numerous nutrition and nutrient, the chikoo fruit is very important to human health, such as:

Keep the healthy of bones and tooth
The chikoo fruit has high phosphorus and calcium contains. So if we consume it regularly, it will keep our bone and tooth health. But even though it has high phosphorus and calcium contains, don’t give it to your toddler's because it can give the negative impact to his digestion.

Keep the healthy of your eyes
The chikoo fruit has a high vitamin A which it can keep our eyes healthy.

Better for pregnant women
The women whom properly pregnant needing a lot of vitamin C to increase her immune. By consuming the chikoo fruit is the best choice because it has high vitamin C contains. Aside from increasing the immune for pregnant women, this fruit can also use to resist the constipation of the pregnant women.

Beautify your skin
The chikoo fruit has a sweet taste and delicious, this fruit can use to beautify your skin, so that your skin always glow. The vitamin E contains inside can prevent your wrinkled and keep the moistness of your skin.

Prevent the bowel cancer
Our body needs enough of fiber so that the metabolism of our body is balanced and guarded. The fiber inside of Chikoo can prevent the bowel cancer if we consume it regularly.

The Chikoo can be done as sherbet, mix with ice cream, or as jam. The essence from this fruit can be done as syrup, or it can be fermented to be wine or vinegar. Its leaves and trunks also contain flavonoid and saponin, which this duty is absorbing the water in our body, and pursue the diarrhea. This Manilkara Zapota also have tannin, which is very important as anti-inflammation, anti-virus, anti-bacterial, and anti-parasite. The enough consumption of tannin can also keep the bowels and digestion healthy.

So if you want to make your skin more beauty and get another advantage from the Chikoo, you must consume it regularly. Keep spirit and keep healthy !!!

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