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Cancer is a Disease Which Can Be Deadly

Cancer is a Disease Which Can Be Deadly. Cancer is the one disease which now is familiar all over the world. Cancer can cause death. Cancer affects a lot of people in rural, urban, and suburban areas all over the world.  Cancer is a disease which attacks the human body by multiplying and spreading its cells. Sometimes the first identifying symptom is a lump in an area of the body such as the stomach, breast, neck, etc.  But that lump which resides in that body needs to be tested by a specialist doctor .
Cancer Disease

There are various kinds of cancer, such as, brain cancer, mouth cancer, lung cancer, breast cancer, digestive system cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer. 

1.      Brain Cancer

Headaches, memory loss, low energy, difficulty walking, poor coordination with arms and hands, vision problems, personality changes, seizures, difficulty speaking. 

Brain Cancer

2.      Mouth Cancer

Mouth cancer is often detected in the people who suffer with a sore  in their mouth, tongue, and/or  gums which does not go away and gets worse.

Mouth Cancer

3.      Lung Cancer

Lung cancer is marked by a persistent cough, sometimes and even releasing blood, an overall sick feeling in the chest, and a warm, even hot feeling in the chest when coughing.
Lung's Cancer

4.      Breast Cancer

Breast cancer is marked by a lump which is in the breasts, a feeling that the skin of the breast  is thicker, a change in breast’s shape, even an itchy feeling in the breast’s nipple.

Breast's Cancer

5.      Digestive System Cancer

Digestive system cancer is marked by blood in the feces, change in the color of feces to a red or black, feeling constantly sick in the stomach, particularly after eating, and weight loss.

Digestive System's Cancer

6.      Uterine cancer

Uterine or Womb cancer is suspected when there is unusually heavy and abnormal bleeding during menstruating, and feeling so sick.

Womb Cancer

7.      Colon Cancer

Colon cancer can cause a hemorrhage in the rectum, where there is blood in the feces, or there is a change in defecating, for example, endless periods of diarrhea or difficulty in defecating, prolonged constipation.

Colon Cancer

8.      Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is marked by urination which is not fluent, feeling so sick in the waist, penis.

Prostate Cancer

So let’s keep healthy, especially in our environment because some cancers can be caused by dirty or polluted environment. So, in conclusion, cancers can be deadly. There are ongoing studies which suggest the healing power of balsam and betel leaves.  So that’s the review of the article about Cancer’s diseases. Thanks for reading, keep healthy, because health is everything.
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