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Breadfruit Leaves Can Beat Your Kidney Diseases

How are you everybody, okay current time I will explain to all about the Benefit of Breadfruit Leves. Did you know breadfruit leaves? Breadfruit leaf is a leaf which has a many benefit, but it is very nice to use  for alternative medicine even if most of people just to use the fruit. Actually breadfruit leaf can heal a many diseases such as decrease your blood cholesterol, solution to safe your kidney, etc.

Breadfruit leaf is also able to heal chronic diseases. Because in the breadfruit leaves get a compound such as potassium polyphenols, hidrosionat acid, tannin, quercetin and artoindosionin which that’s compound can be exploited in medicines even if the bread fruit leaf has been unknown what is the function but most prove about this. This is some benefit of breadfruit leaves:
Breadfruit Leaves
Breadfruid Leaves

1.      Medicine for kidney disease
In the breadfruit leaves are contained compound especially potassium which potassium can dissolve a calculus so automatically the sediment of calculus will be flowing out with urine. Even if it is not yet scientifically, but manifestly  the breadfruit leaves can repair, condition for  patient it can help to better condition. This better condition is decreasing a protein in the urine.

To make a medicine for this disease:
a.    You have to prepare three sheets breadfruit leaf
b.   And then you have to wash this leaves until clean all
c.   Cutting that’s and afterward you have to put in the sun and just wait until dry
d.   Preparing a place of that’s and then fill this two liter water and more especial the place of that’s is made by clay
e.   After that including that’s leaves to that water and cooking this until boiled
f.    Leaving over the water half of volume first
g.  Decreasing one liter clean water and boiling again until half of volume up.

2.      To heal an uric acid
Another kind of diseases which can be healed by the breadfruit leaf is an uric acid. You can try this way to healing this disease. You have to take a fistful of that leaf which it has been run dry and pouring with water boiled and then increasing honey or sugar for decrease feel bitter of rubber of the breadfruit leaf.

3.      To heal a heart disease
Actually the breadfruit leaf has extract which it has a pregnant such as flavonoid and sitosterol and that’s pregnant can be for healthy of heart and venous. And breadfruit leaf can guard your heart because breadfruit leaf can decrease a blood cholesterol  and can be pursued accumulation wall of the aorta blood vessel.

4.      Decreasing your cholesterol
Step for this problem, you have to take some breadfruit leaves approximately fistful of that’s leaves which it has been run dry, and bangle has been poured with hot water and doing these tips seem like to make a drink tea and don’t forget laboring this an every day.

5.      Preventing inflammation and chafing
For preventing inflammation and chafing, preparing one sheet of the old of breadfruit leaf and then washing this until clean. Afterward boiled this with five glass water. Just wait until the water has boiled and just remain half of that. After then increasing a little bit water cleaned and filtering this and finally drink this an every day.

Breadfruit leaf is a plant which it has a many benefit. Another for preventing, healing or keeping your body from diseases. It is also able to be shielded, especially for kidney because now most people are easily to attack a disease in the kidney such as kidney failure, in kidney cannot be shielded of poison. And that’s an article about Breadfruit Leaves Can Beat Your Kidney Diseases. Keep healthy because everything is healthy. You can be more important your work, but you have to stay care you healthy.

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