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What Is Diabetes Mellitus

Diabetes is the one of the most feared diseases. In 2012, the WHO wrote that the Diabetes sufferers in the world had reached 347 million people, and became the cause of death for 1.5 million people. More than 80% of those who died from Diabetes lived in developing countries.

Diabetes Mellitus is the chronic disease which happens because the glucose in the blood is too high. In these cases, the pancreas doesn’t produce enough insulin, or the body can’t use the insulin as effectively as possible. Insulin is a hormone which organizes the body’s sugar content.  Uncontrolled Diabetes will invite more serious damage to the human body, especially to nerves and blood vessels. These cases usually happen to people older than 30 years of age, but is seen in  younger people and children, also.
What is Diabetes Mellitus
Diabetes Mellitus

Types of Diabetes

1. Type 1 Diabetes Mellitus is a disease which is caused by the lack of insulin production by the pancreas.
2. Type 2 of Diabetes Mellitus is a disease which is caused by insulin resistance so that the application of insulin by the body becomes ineffective.
3. Diabetes Gestational is a hyperglycemia (abnormally high blood sugar) disease first found when a woman is pregnant.

Causes of Diabetes
The cause of Diabetes usually is that the insulin produced by the pancreas is not enough to accommodate the bloody sugar, and the body cells don’t  respond to the insulin correctly. It happens often because of the excessive fat content in the body, caused by overeating and lack of activity. 

 Other Causes of Diabetes
§  Virus which causes a  lack of insulin
§  Influence of genetics. (can run in families)
§  Pregnancy which is causing a lack of insulin in the blood.
§  High levels of corticosteroid produced by the adrenal glands.
§  Poison which is influencing the insulin production in the body.

Symptoms of Diabetes
§  Excess sugar in the blood (more than 160-180 mg/dl).This is making urine mixed with sugar.
§  Polydipsia (extreme thirst) caused by dehydration.
§  Excessive weight gain.
§  Eyesight can be blurry.
§  Queasy feeling or feeling confused.

Prevention of Diabetes
§  Decreasing your food.
§  Losing excessive weight of your body.
§  Eating breakfast consistently.
§  Avoid fatty foods.
§  Avoid sweet and sugary drinks.
§  Be a vegetarian or increase vegetable intake.
§  Avoid of stress.
§  Get enough sleep.
§  Exercise regularly.
§  Consuming cinnamon.
§  Drink a coffee.
§  Eat soy products rather than red meats.
§  Take recommended dosage of vitamin D.

That’s the summary of the “What is the Diabetes Mellitus” article. Hope you now know more about this disease of Diabetes. Keep the spirit and follow the suggestions to keep healthy and possibly prevent Diabetes.

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