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3 Benefits of Brugmansia Leaves

Herbal Medicine - Brugmansia is a plant which it can be found in the cold area. During the time, the plant which has trumpet flower shape as known as negative plant and have a lot of negative impact, because it usually applied for anesthetist.But did you know the the Brugmansia leaf actually have a lot of benefits for medicine. Below are the benefits and how to process it:

1.Benefits of Brugmansia Leaves for Rheumatism
Prepared 14 sheet of the fresh Brugmansia leaf, then carve it and put to the sunshine.If it has dry, enhance with 10 tablespoon of coconut oil.Keep it for 3 days, and then extort and dissociate it from the oil. After that, warm it and apply to your body where is your rheumatism illness.

Blue Trumpet Flower
Blue Trumpet Flower

Yellow Trumpet Flower
Yellow Trumpet Flower

2.Benefits of Brugmansia Leaves for Lumbago
Take 10 sheet of it, and then mashed with slaked lime until it refinement.And then apply it into the back pain. Do this activity regularly 2-3 times a day until your illness gone.

white Trumpet Flower
White Trumpet Flower

Natural Medicine with Trumpet Flower
Benefits of Trumpet Flower

3.Benefits of Brugmansia Leaves for Anti Dandruff
Prepare 7 sheet of dry balsam leaf and 5 tablespoon of coconut oil. Bring both of it into a bottle, locked it, and dry in the sunshine for a week.After that, apply it into your hair regularly 2 times a week.
Trumpet Flower
Pink Trumpet Flower

Violet Trumpet Flower
Violet Trumpet Flower

The Brugmansia leaf (Datura Metel L)actually have a lot of benefits, but you must remember it has anesthetic characteristic and you just can consume it for outside medicine.Except from the benefits above,the Brugmansia leaf can also prevent the asthma.Brugmansia contains alkaloid chemical compounds, which can widen the narrow respiratory tract caused by asthma.

Red Trumpet Flower
Red Trumpet Flower

Black Trumpet Flower
Black Trumpet Flower
There are several Positive Benefits from the Brugmansia Leaf, you can get the benefits if you consume it for the positive purpose. Keep Spirit and Keep Healthy!
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